Lisa's Story

My belief that the jewelry you wear on your body should beautify your soul drives my designs. Jewelry should speak to you. It should resonate with who you are, what you believe, and what is important to you. Custom designs, engagement rings, and redesigning old jewelry are special opportunities to create something special. 

I am fulfilled by helping you commemorate life’s moments, big and small.

Lisa Robin Jewelry Swirl Ring


Since the availability of big brands is pervasive, I used to struggle to find jewelry pieces that touched my soul. So I started designing my own. My jewelry collections are an expression of love for myself, love of design, and for how I feel when I wear it. Distinct contemporary designs inspired by classic influences. The elegance of curves captivates me and you will see that reflected in my designs.


Lisa Robin Jewelry AboutI strive to be an original woman. Stylish in a casual way with jewelry that sets me apart from the crowd. My jewelry represents me so it must stand the test of time, in design and construction. My collections intentionally coordinate with one another and many pieces are flexible. You just never what your day will bring. 

Early in my career, I was supported by other women. I want to give back where I can by partnering with those who do good work. This is the foundation upon which I have built my dream: to create an ever-expanding and beautifully bejeweled, compassionate, accepting, and loving community while making the world a more beautiful place. In 2018 I co-founded LUXE Gives Back, LLC, to produce fashion and accessories events designed to give back to the community.