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East West Diamond Engagement Rings


      The classics are incontestable as far as engagement rings go. Sometimes, however, a subtle shift in perspective will update a timeless look, bringing distinction and directional appeal to an otherwise traditional ring. Though not entirely new, that look of the moment is east-west set engagement rings. East-West engagement ring settings, or in other words, a sideways set center gemstone for a decidedly fresh aesthetic, have become very popular for the person seeking an engagement ring out of the norm.

      Consider an east-west emerald cut diamond ring if you're looking for a unique and elegant solitaire engagement ring. The step-cut facets add a distinctive touch, and the sideways emerald-cut diamond ring design sets it apart from other styles. Don't overlook the beauty of an east-west oval engagement ring. A sideways oval diamond engagement ring, set east to west creates a unique solitaire ring, as does the one-of-a-kind look of an east-west pear engagement ring. Solitaires styles offer east west ring mountings without stones

      Our vintage-inspired east-west oval bezel engagement ring is a perfect choice for those who like the look and security of a bezel setting. These unconventional designs offer a fresh perspective on traditional engagement rings and are sure to make a statement.

      Find East-West engagement rings in natural diamonds or lab-created diamonds.

      Choosing an East West Diamond Engagement Ring

      An east-west diamond engagement ring is a setting where the stone is placed horizontally on the band. This trend offers a fresh and unique look, especially when it comes to classic long stone shapes. In particular oval east west engagement rings and sideways emerald cut engagement rings are popular. Both diamonds and gemstones can be used for this type of setting, making it a versatile option for those who want something different, yet still appreciate traditional styles.


      Delve into the allure of East West diamond engagement rings, exploring their rich history, versatility, and the reasons why they have become a must-have for modern  couples.



      Lisa, thank your for working with me to create the perfect ring. I love the white gold and the diamond is gorgeous.

      Shown in 4.0 Carat * Emerald Cut Diamond East West Pavé Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin#color_platinum
      Laura A
      El Paso, TX

      it's absolutely stunning! The setting is a perfect height and the diamond is sooo beautiful and the perfect size. I am in love with the east west setting!

      Mia emerald east west engagement ring proposal | Lisa Robin
      Megan K
      Eugene, OR

      Lisa, thank you so much for creating the ring of my dreams and for guiding the man of my dreams through the process. You were such an essential key and every effort id deeply appreciated by the both of us. Thank you again. ❤️

      Mia Pear East West Engagement Ring Proposal | Lisa Robin
      Isabella T
      San Luis Obispo, CA

      Got it! Love it! Can't begin to thank you enough. She loves the ring and we are so happy!

      Mia Emerald Engagement Ring Couple in Embrase | Lisa Robin
      Devin T
      Seaside, CA

      Wow, thank you Lisa. The proposal to my girlfriend of 3 years was so exciting I had butterflies! We are both so excited to have the ring with Lab Grown. A friend gave me your website and I read the reviews online. I've heard such great things about your craft.

      Mia East West Pear Diamond Ring on hand after proposal | Lisa Robin
      Max S
      Richmond, VA
      Custom East West Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds in White Gold | Lisa Robin

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