Emeradl Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring | Lisa Robin


Your engagement ring should be completely tailored to your style preferences. And ideally, it’s a design that you two have discussed and landed on together. Sometimes the engagement ring you want comes ready-to-wear and can be in your hands in a matter of days and for that, you’ll find I have plenty of fantastic options. But often what you’re looking for is harder to find. You might have a very specific concept in mind but need an experienced, trustworthy jeweler to help you execute it—and possibly improve on it with some unique creative flourishes or tweaks. The answer: a custom-designed engagement ring. 

And now that you've found me? The engagement ring design process couldn’t be easier.

Think of me as your very own private couture jeweler. We’ll build you a one-of-a-kind engagement ring from scratch—the best, most beautiful one within your budget. No criteria is too daunting and I am up for the challenge, unlike traditional jewelers who often have neither the time nor the inclination to take on custom engagement ring design projects. The first step is to book a consultation, which takes place in-person at my studio in Dayton, Ohio or via Zoom (FaceTime works just fine in a pinch, too). No matter how we meet, the design process is the same, and offered with expert guidance and personalized attention.

How much does a custom engagement ring cost?

Well, much like with any custom jewelry design project, the cost of a custom engagement ring is determined by what you are trying to create. So, it depends. 
Generally the cost of a custom engagement ring is comparable to a similar ring with the same metals and like diamonds or gemstones. If you would like to modify a style shown on my website there is a small upcharge for new molds. To account for my design time, I charge a flat fee of $400 which is credited to the final quoted price.




During your custom engagement ring design consultation, we’ll start by defining your style and narrowing your preferences. I will need a sense of your ballpark budget to make sure the design we create stays within range, especially when it comes to your desired diamond shape and carat weight. We’ll pull up pictures of rings, discuss what you like (and don’t like), and talk a bit about your lifestyle (if you’re always in garden, for example, or an avid surfer, there are some details to consider in terms of how high the ring sits on your finger and the durability of the metal you choose). I may sketch a few concepts as we move along. I’ll advise on diamonds and gemstones, and metals, and together we’ll land a design concept that ticks all the boxes. 


Once we land the design concept, I’ll source and show you a few diamond and gemstone options that meet your budget, size, and shape requirements. We will discuss the pros and cons of what each stone brings to the table in terms of quality factors and make selections from there (but I always encourage couples not to get too hung up on the technical details—the stone has to “speak” to you!). We can also use an heirloom diamond in the design. I love when family history lives on through jewelry!

Emeradl Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring | Lisa Robin


This is the magical time when the design we have in mind comes to life. Computer drawings are developed, to scale, to let you see a three-dimensional rendering of your engagement ring. If we haven’t quite nailed it, we can tweak the design till we have it just right.

Custom Engagement Ring Design | Lisa Robin
Custom Engagement Ring Design | Lisa Robin


We use final approved CAD drawings to a make handcrafted wax mold, which happens in my workshop. Then I have one of my best-in-class bench jewelers use the wax mold to cast the design in your chosen metal and set the diamonds in it. Careful hand-finishing and polishing of the design are the final steps, all overseen by my master jeweler, every step of the way. I am happy to keep you updated through the whole process.