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Halo Engagement Rings

Adding a halo to a ring can give it a dazzling and can create an illusion of increasing the diamond's size.

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings


      Discover the beauty of our halo diamond engagement rings. Luxurious and eye-catching, a halo engagement ring highlights a center diamond with a sparkling diamond surround.

      In our curated collection, you will find the perfect style to express your personality - and love. Our halo engagement ring designs elevate central diamonds and colored gemstones in the shape of your choice. Pick from a simple diamond halo or a decorative diamond cluster, in a choice yellow, rose, or white gold.

      Our stunning halo diamond engagement ring styles are always handcrafted with sustainable materials, for a piece you will wear and adore for a lifetime.

      Choosing a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

      One of the main advantages of a halo setting is its ability to enhance the appearance of the center stone, making the ring appear larger. This setting is specifically designed to add size and brilliance to the center stone, while remaining affordable. Additionally, if the accent stones are of a contrasting color, the halo setting can draw even more attention to the center stone, creating a stunning visual contrast that enhances its overall beauty.

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      Creating a bespoke side diamond engagement ring

      With a multitude of customizations

      The ring's claws and band can be shaped to your preference, and intricate embellishments such as a hidden halo, diamond set spider, or diamond set bridge can be added. To learn more about this process...

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