Demi-Fine Jewelry


      Our trend-led collection of demi-fine jewelry offers luxurious looks for everyday.

      Demi-fine jewelry is crafted using the techniques of fine jewelry, but in more affordable sterling silver. Also perfect for gifting, demi-fine jewelry allows you to elevate your look with contemporary and creative styles.

      For those who love the look of yellow gold, we finish our demi-fine pieces with vermeil. Gold vermeil is a plating of gold on a sterling silver base. Unlike simple gold plating, jewelry can only be described as vermeil if it is at least 2.5 microns thick and on solid sterling silver.

      Explore our collection of demi-fine jewelry in sterling silver and gold vermeil.





      Original Design
      Dancing Gems

      The variation of gemstone shapes and sizes bring the design to life.

      Lisa Robin's signature design

      The Portale (por-TAHL-lay) pieces take their name from the Italian word for doorway. Inspired by a wrought-iron lintel above a doorway on a quiet street in Florence, home to some of the world's most beautiful art and architecture.