About Lisa

Welcome! Whatever brought you here, the first thing I want you to know is that I’m here to personally help you find an incredible engagement ring—the best, most beautiful one within your budget. I am glad you are here. I'm Lisa Robin Adkinson, founder of my eponymous brand Lisa Robin.

Our working relationship may blossom by text or chat in the virtual world—unless you want to meet at my studio in Dayton, Ohio—but you should think of me as your very own private jeweler. A jewelry concierge, confidant, and coach.

What does this mean exactly?

It means I will listen carefully to your needs and guide you through every step of the engagement ring process with personalized attention. If you ask a question through the site, you'll get me. I might be with another client, racing home from Kroger’s or the gym, but I will always be the one to personally address your questions and concerns. I have clients contacting me from both coasts, and across the world. I don’t care if it’s 3 a.m. If I’m up, I’ll answer.

So you have round-the-clock access to me, a rarity in the jewelry world. 

All this to say: My approach looks nothing like the typical jewelry store experience. And that’s the whole point of what I do. I am genuinely fulfilled by helping you commemorate life’s moments, big and small. 

we’ll provide as much guidance as you need
convenience of online shopping

But the other great thing about working with me on an engagement ring purchase is that I’ve made it super easy—and convenient—to find an engagement ring style and center diamond online. If you’re the type who just wants to find the right style, select the perfect diamond, and have your engagement ring made, you can seriously get this done in a manner of minutes. But you're not alone. I am available to coach you all the way through.

Custom Design
Bring Your Vision To Life

If you have a specific vision and want to create a custom jewelry design, I love to do that as well.

My Story

I started my career as an interior designer, morphed into a business consultant and then took the leap to launch my jewelry business. I received many awards and recognitions for my design work. Returning to my artistic roots was the best thing I could have ever done. Along the way, I found my unique approach to an industry in need of change.

You might have shopped a Main Street jewelry store and felt like the options were limited, even lackluster. You might have visited a mall chain jewelry store and were turned off by the high-pressure sales tactics or evasive answers about diamond origin or both. You might have stepped into the gilded, plush interiors of a luxury brand-name bridal jewelry store and felt they just weren’t your kind of people. I saw that couples were frustrated with the options being presented to them.

But when I sketched out a design on the spot that matched their expectations, the experience changed. I saw couples inquiring aboutethical miningandlab-grown diamonds.Ialso saw that the modern engagement ring shopper was not a groom, but a couple, and that often the couples were LGBTQ—not what the commercial jewelry world caters to. Everything about selling engagement rings felt outdated, exclusionary, and impersonal. 

Lisa's Approach

So, I took my values, my skills, and my sketchbook, and pulled together all the best-in-class diamond dealers and suppliers I’d built relationships with throughout my career and set out to do it differently. Better.

My goal was to create a seamless online engagement ring shopping experience for couples near and far who were turned off by what the jewelry industry was offering them. To me, jewelry should resonate with who you are, what you believe, and what is important to you. I had to live my own words and the result is adigital engagement ring shopping platform completely informed by my personal integrity, design aesthetic, and understanding of what modern couples want and deserve: a high-quality product completely customized to their budget, gemstone and design specs, and a brand promise of inclusivity, respect, trust, and transparency.

Get in touch

Thank you for being here—I’d love to discuss the engagement ring project you have in mind. I truly can’t wait to connect with you.

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