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Selecting an engagement ring is more than just choosing a beautiful design. Learn how to select materials, gemstone, and set your budget.

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Engagement Ring Styles

From finding the perfect ring style and deciding on all of the details we understand that creating your ideal ring involves many questions. Our comprehensive engagement ring style guide has all the answers you need to create the ring of your dreams.

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From classic solitaires to a statement cluster, each piece is designed to express your personality and symbolize your unique love. Our curated collections bring together coveted and unique engagement ring styles in the gemstone, shape, and gold color of your choice. Select your preferred style then you can select from ethically mined diamonds, sustainable lab-created diamonds, or colored gemstones to complete your engagement ring.

Ring Guides
Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are a timeless classic, featuring a single diamond that takes center stage without any other distractions.

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Twist Rings

The shank or the band that goes around the finger is split, and the two bands are intertwined. This twist design gives the impression of a wider band width.

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That’s why we are here to guide you through every step - from understanding what carat, color, cut and clarity mean, to designing the perfect ring.

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Vintage Style Rings

In essence, vintage style rings are inspired by styles from decades past that have endured the test of time because of their exquisite design, skillful artistry, and unique character.

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East West Rings

An east-west engagement ring is a setting with the center stone positioned horizontally. With and without side diamonds, East West engagement rings are designed in a variety of styles.

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Hidden halo Rings

A Hidden Halo Ring is a unique style where the diamond halo is concealed from the top view, making it appear like a traditional solitaire setting. However, when viewed from the side or an angle, the hidden halo is revealed, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance.

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Halo Engagement Rings

A halo ring is a beautiful setting that surrounds a central gemstone with a series of smaller diamonds.

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Consider Customizing

There is nothing more satisfying than know your ring is as unique as your partnership. Learn about the custom design process for creating your engagement ring.

Ring Guides
Side Stone Rings

Engagement rings with side stones enhance the beauty of the center stone by featuring complementary diamonds on both sides of the setting. These side stones can be customized in any cut to match or contrast the center stone of your engagement ring.

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Ring metals

Find the metal to suit your color preference and lifestyle with out guide to ring metals.

Choosing the accent stone Setting Style

If you're looking for a ring with diamond accents, there are several styles to choose from. Some popular styles include halo and diamond set bands, which can be set in scallop, pavé, shared prong, or distance settings. Scallop and pavé are classic choices for the smaller diamonds that run along the band or encircle the halo, while shared prong or distance are a more modern and distinctive option.

Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring with Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin


The metal work of a scallop set diamond band features edges that expose the sides and table of the diamonds, allowing ample light to reach each stone. This unique design results in a band that some consider to be more sparkly than a pavé or channel set band.


This design showcases diamonds arranged in alternating pattern with small ball claws, which hold the diamonds securely in place, and bordered by a sleek strip of metal. The pavé setting style is an excellent option for achieving the vintage look of engagement rings, especially when combined with 'milgrain' detailing.

Portia Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold | Lisa Robin


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Lisa Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Shared Prong Floating Diamond Shank | Lisa Robin

Shared Prong

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Choosing A Prong Style

When it comes to setting diamonds, the most common options are the 4 or 6 prong settings. The 6 prong setting, also known as the "Tiffany Setting", is a timeless choice where 6 symmetrical prongs hold the center diamond securely. On the other hand, the 4 prong setting is also a classic option that some prefer as it uses less metal around the diamond, giving it a chance to shine on its own instead of being hidden within the setting.

Prong Styles

Shown in 4.0 Carat * The Olivia Diamond Solitaire Ring - Lisa Robin#shape_emerald

Ball Prongs

Ball prongs are small, round structures that keep diamonds securely in place while adding a sleek and modern touch to ring designs.

Shown in 2.57 Carat * The Mia East West Pear Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin#shape_pear

Talon or Claw Prongs

The talon or claw prongs resemble those of an eagle, with rounded prongs tapered towards the center of the stone. The overall appearance is classic.

Allison Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold | Lisa Robin

Box Prongs

The diamond tips and corners of shapes like princess cut and pear shape are protected by box prongs.

Bezel or Rubover

Have you heard of the rubover or 'bezel' setting? It's a contemporary style of setting where the metal is smoothly pushed up and over the diamond's outer edges, resulting in the diamond being fully encased by the metal.

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Milgrain is a delicate embellishment that adorns the edges of jewelry. This intricate detail is achieved by creating a fine, beaded texture, often found on Vintage style rings.

Lisa Floating Diamond Engagement Ring with Oval Diamond in Yellow Gold
Diamond in tweezers on workbench | Lisa Robin
Three Diamonds on White Velvet | Lisa Robin