Oval Diamond Engagement Rings


      An elegant twist on the classic round cut, our glittering oval diamond engagement ring styles blend timelessness with personality. An oval-cut diamond offers unmatched sparkling and fire, with beautiful, brilliant-cut facets. 

      The elongated shape of an oval is elegant and flattering, lending itself to a simple style as easily as a lavish design. Our oval engagement ring collection ranges from luxurious diamond halo rings to classic solitaires. To make a unique statement, consider an east-west setting or an edgy decorative cluster.

      Our stunning oval engagement ring styles are always handcrafted with sustainable materials to be worn and adored for a lifetime.

      Explore glittering oval diamond engagement ring styles blending timelessness and personality. Our styles range from elevated unique diamond halo styles to classic solitaires and unique east-west settings. We use sustainable materials in our handcrafted engagement rings designed to symbolize your unique love. 


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