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What is Diamond Shape?

There are ten basic diamond shapes used in engagement rings and each one has its own appeal. Determine which diamond shape is right for you.

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What is Diamond Shape?

What are the diamond shapes?

When it comes to engagement rings, there are ten popular diamond shapes, each with its unique appeal. Let's explore each diamond shape, including round, princess, emerald, Asscher, cushion, radiant, pear, oval, marquise, and baguette and help narrow your options. Your personal preference should guide your choice of diamond shape. The one you keep returning to is right for you, so don't hesitate to choose it.

It's important to note that the diamond shape refers to the overall geometry or form of the diamond, such as round or square, and should not be confused with the diamond cut, which pertains to its facets and proportions. Also, diamond dimensions are different from carat weight, which measures weight, not size. With that cleared up, let's delve into the world of diamond shapes!

Explore Diamond Shapes

Round Diamonds

Learn why a brilliant round diamond is the most sparkly and the most popular.

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Oval Diamonds

Understand why this shape has a modified cut and more about this flattering shape.

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Princess Cut Diamonds

Learn about this square diamond, what to look for, its sparkle, and how popular it is.

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Pear Cut Diamonds

Learn how the beautiful ethereal shape is suited to unique engagement rings.

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Marquise Diamonds

Interesting history and remarkable brilliance, learn why marquise diamonds appear larger.

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds resemble a pillow. Learn about the cut's inspiration and the reason for their fire.

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Discover how radiant cut diamonds display such a high brilliance.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Discover the elegant emerald cut diamond and how to select one.

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Asscher Diamond

Learn about the cut, how it is unique and reflects light due to revisions to the cut.

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Baguette Diamonds

Discover the elegance of the Baguette cut diamond and what settings make them shine.

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Which Diamond Shape Appears Largest?

Use this guide to comapre relative size of diamond shapes per 1.0 carat weight.

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Buying a diamond engagement ring means choosing from various diamond shapes: round, square, marquise, and more. To help you select the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring, here's an explanation of what makes each shape unique.

To begin with, it's essential to understand the differences between a diamond's shape and its cut. Diamond shapes are commonly called "cuts," but they are different. Shape refers to how a diamond appears when viewed from the front (round, square, oval, etc.). But cut, specifically how it is cut, is how the facets are arranged. For instance, the brilliant diamond cut is round with 57 or 58 facets designed to maximize sparkle.

Round diamonds can be reshaped in several different ways. The most common are oval, marquise, and pear shapes. A modified brilliant cut is a brilliant cut diamond that has been altered from the traditional round shape. 

When you find that perfect emerald cut diamond, you have a square or rectangular shape.

 Some diamonds, most commonly square or rectangular shapes, are step cut. Emerald cut, and Asscher cut diamonds are examples. The step cut has concentric rows of facets on the crown and pavilion for a more elegant look. However, not all square or rectangular diamonds are step cut; many are brilliant cut like the radiant and princess cut diamonds. All diamond shapes other than round are called fancy shapes.



The only diamond shape to receive a ‘cut grade’ are round brilliant cut diamonds. However, you should ensure any other diamond shape has Excellent symmetry and polish grade, or at least Very Good. ‘Brilliant cut’ diamonds are designed to exude the most sparkle. Step cuts feature larger, parallel facets that celebrate the clarity of the stone with more subtle flashes of light


Round diamonds, or round brilliant can be modified in shape.

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Step Cut Diamonds

Learn what to look for when choosing a step cut diamond.

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Which diamond shape is the most sparkly?

The round brilliant diamond is the most sparkly when graded triple Excellent (GIA) or Ideal (IGI). The diamond will have the optimal cut, symmetry, and polish. Multiple lines of symmetry and 58 facets work together to reflect light within and out of the diamond, making the round brilliant the sparkliest diamond shape. Typically, round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive diamond cuts, due to three factors; their unmatched brilliance, popularity, and the amount of diamond waste generated during cutting Round brilliants are the most popular shapes.

Which Diamond Shape looks the biggest?

Due to their higher sparkle, brilliant cut diamonds can appear larger than step cut diamonds. The spread of the table makes some brilliant cut shapes appear larger than others; marquise, oval, and pear diamonds appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

Which diamond shape is the rarest?

It is more difficult to find some diamond shapes than others. The demand for asscher diamonds and radiant diamonds is much lower than for other diamond shapes, making them rarer than most diamond cuts. They are followed closely by marquise and hearts.

What diamond shape is the most popular?

Due to many of the reasons already stated, the round brilliant diamond continues to be the most popular diamond shape in the United States. Followed by oval diamonds, pear diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and cushion cut diamonds.

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