Engagement Ring Journal

Discovering Alternative Ring Metals: Titanium, Tungsten, and Ceramic
For those seeking something unique, durable, and stylish, alternative metals like titanium, tungsten, and ceramic are excellent choices. Let's explore what makes these alternative ring metals stand out and why they might be the perfect fit for your special day.
21 Beautiful Engagement Rings For Men
Discover 21 beautiful engagement rings for men to find the balance between bling, lifestyle, and styling to suit a man. Learn more.
Golden Choices: Navigating Your Journey Between 14K and 18K Gold
At Lisa Robin Jewelry, we understand that selecting the perfect piece is not just about style—it’s a choice that weaves together beauty, longevity, and personal comfort. Let’s explore the golden spectrum that ranges from the sturdy radiance of 14K gold...
The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring: A Step-by-Step Process
At Lisa Robin, we're more than just jewelers—we're your partners in selecting an engagement ring that's as unique as your journey together. We offer a personalized touch, guiding you with expertise and genuine care through a selection that will become...
Unveiling the Secrets: How to Subtly Hint at Your Dream Engagement Ring
At a pivotal point in your relationship and envisioning the perfect proposal? Discover how to subtly hint at your dream engagement ring without appearing overly direct. From tactful conversations to clever use of social media, we've curated a guide to...
Twist and Unveil: A Closer Look at the Unique Design of Twist Engagement Rings
Welcome to the enchanting world of twist engagement rings, where classic elegance converges with modern design. These exceptional rings have gained popularity among couples seeking an extraordinary symbol of their love. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the innovative...
From Princess Cut to Round: Decoding the Different Halo Engagement Ring Styles
From the timeless elegance of a princess-cut diamond to the vintage allure of a round diamond, halo engagement rings come in an array of styles that can truly make a statement. If you're on the hunt for the perfect ring to symbolize your love, understanding the various halo styles can help you find the one that matches your unique personality and style.
Why Rustic Diamond Engagement Rings Are Trending Right Now

In a world filled with modern and glamorous engagement rings, the trend of rustic diamond engagement rings has captured the attention of couples everywhere. These unique rings bring a touch of vintage charm and an air of authenticity to the traditional symbol of love.

The Top 5 In Style Engagement Rings for 2024 Every Couple Should Consider
Step into elegance and timeless beauty with the top 5 in style engagement rings for 2024 that every couple should consider. As you embark on this journey of love and commitment, choosing the perfect ring is an essential part of the process. Whether you're a modern minimalist or a vintage-inspired romantic, there's a unique style engagement ring that will capture your heart and reflect your heart.
Love Unboxed: Celebrating Inclusivity with Gender Neutral Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
Love knows no boundaries, and neither should the symbols that represent it. In a world that is increasingly embracing inclusivity, gender-neutral engagement rings and wedding bands are breaking traditional norms and redefining what love and commitment truly mean. These unisex designs break away from the confines of gender stereotypes and embrace a more fluid and inclusive approach to love and relationships.
Unveiling the Allure: The Anatomy of an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
In the realm of engagement rings, the emerald cut diamond has long captivated the hearts of those who appreciate understated elegance and timeless beauty. With its sleek, rectangular shape and step-cut facets, this enchanting stone showcases a sophistication that harkens back to the glamour of the Art Deco era.
Uncover the Secret: The Trending Appeal of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings
With an air of mystery and undeniable allure, hidden halo engagement rings are taking the jewelry world by storm. Offering a fusion of classic elegance and modern sophistication, these rings have become the go-to choice for couples seeking something truly unique and out of the ordinary.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Solitaire Engagement Ring
In the search for the perfect engagement ring, the solitaire style has stood the test of time. With its timeless elegance and classic appeal, a solitaire ring is a popular choice for many couples. But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect solitaire engagement ring that will dazzle your loved one?
Setting Your Sparkle: Unlocking the Secrets of Prong Styles for the Ultimate Engagement Ring
Prongs, those tiny metal claws that hold the diamond in place, may seem insignificant, but they play a crucial role in showcasing the stone's brilliance and protecting it from damage. Learn more about the different styles of prongs and which is best for your engagement ring.
Why Oval Diamonds Are the New Trend in Engagement Rings
Oval Diamonds Are the New Trend in Engagement Rings When it comes to engagement rings, oval-shaped stones are stealing the spotlight and becoming the new trend in jewelry. With their elegant and distinctive shape, oval rings effortlessly combine classic sophistication...
Exploring the Allure of East West Diamond Engagement Rings
With its unique horizontal setting, this timeless design adds an unexpected twist to the classic solitaire, creating a stunning piece that oozes elegance and sophistication. But what makes these rings truly special? 
Why Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings Are Trending Right Now
Looking for a unique engagement ring? Cluster diamond rings are the hottest trend right now. Learn more about these beautiful designs and find the perfect ring for your special someone.
How to Buy an Engagement Ring- 10 Tips
One of the most rewarding moments I have is when you find your PERFECT engagement ring. So whether you’re putting together a wish list to suggest what you would like in an engagement ring or choosing the perfectly suited diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, here are our top 10 tips for buying an engagement ring.
Top 11 Engagement Ring Trends You Want To Know About
See the top eleven 2023 engagement ring trends. We are experiencing a cultural moment that values distinctiveness and artistic expression and what better way to celebrate your love than applying your creativity to your engagement ring?
9 Ring Inspirations to Appeal to Your Mid-Century Modern Sensibilities

After igniting my love for all things midcentury, I have a new appreciation for the era's popular engagement rings and wedding band styles. Here are some of my favorites, especially for the couple looking for a mid-century vibe.

The Enchanting Tradition of the Ring Finger: Where to Wear Your Wedding Ring
It is a common everyday occurrence to wear your engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of your left hand. But why?