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About Emerald Cut Diamonds

Discover what makes emerald cut diamonds so elegant and important aspects when selecting one for your engagement ring.

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About Emerald Cut Diamond

 What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The emerald cut diamond boasts a sleek, elongated rectangular shape and precise step cuts that feature straight linear facets arranged parallelly down the stone. Typically, the corners of an emerald cut diamond are cropped to ensure stability and prevent fractures. This cut offers deep clarity and a large surface table, with long step cuts that reflect both white and colored light abundantly. While emerald cuts are more commonly found in rectangles, they are also available in squares.

When considering a diamond, several aspects such as depth %, table %, and length to width ratios can affect its appearance and the amount of light it reflects. For a finely cut emerald diamond, it is recommended to focus on a depth below 74%. Although it is crucial to consider all the specifications, the depth is particularly significant for achieving an exquisite emerald cut diamond.

When it comes to diamonds, the length to width ratio is an important factor in determining its shape - whether it's square or elongated. This ratio is calculated by dividing the length of the diamond by its width. For instance, if a diamond's length is 6mm and its width is 4mm, the length to width ratio would be 1.50, indicating a rectangular shape. Conversely, a ratio close to 1 indicates a square shape, where the length and width are similar.

For emerald cut diamonds, the ideal shape is rectangular, with a classic ratio range of 1.30 to 1.60. However, most people opt for a ratio close to 1.50, although you might have your own preference for a slightly wider or longer diamond shape.

 How are Step Cut Diamonds Distinct?

Step Cut diamonds, such as Baguettes, belong to a family that also includes Emerald and Asscher Cuts. The defining characteristic of Step Cut diamonds is their straight, well-defined facets. As a result, Baguettes have a distinct appearance from Round Cut diamonds, with less brilliance and sparkle.

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The Emerald Cut

the emerald cut does not have a standardized cut grading system like round brilliant diamonds, it's important to look for stones with symmetrical facets and a well-proportioned shape. This will ensure that the diamond has maximum brilliance and sparkle.

How to Select an Emerald Cut Diamond

When selecting an emerald cut diamond, it's essential to prioritize a high color grade between D to F. This is because the diamond's large open facets or emerald cuts tend to expose any poor color grades. Additionally, it's important to choose a clarity grade above VS2 since emerald cut diamonds have large, open facets that don't conceal inclusions well. A clarity grade close to VS2 with excellent polish and symmetry should appear clear and provide good value for money. Lastly, it's recommended to try different ratios to determine which emerald cut diamond shape you prefer, whether it's a classic proportioned one, something squarer, or a super elongated stone.

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Unveiling The Allure

In the realm of engagement rings, the emerald cut diamond has long captivated the hearts of those who appreciate understated elegance and timeless beauty.

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Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds are a type of diamond that is elongated and rectangular, with a thin profile, silimar to emerald cut diamonds. While they can be almost square in shape, they are typically longer than they are wide, with a length-to-width ratio of around 5:1.

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