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About Baguette Diamonds

Discover the elegance of the Baguette cut diamond and what settings make them shine.

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About Baguette Diamonds

What is a Baguette Diamond?

Baguette diamonds are a type of diamond that is elongated and rectangular, with a thin profile. While they can be almost square in shape, they are typically longer than they are wide, with a length-to-width ratio of around 5:1.

Baguette diamonds can come with straight edges in a perfect rectangle, or tapered edges that angle in, which are known respectively as "straight" or "tapered" Baguettes. One of the key differences between Baguettes and other diamond cuts, such as the Emerald Cut, is that Baguettes have perfectly square corners. In terms of facets, Baguettes have only 14, which is significantly fewer than traditional diamond cuts that often have more than 50. Due to their small size, Baguettes are often used as side stones for engagement or wedding rings, or in eternity rings.

How are Step Cut Diamonds Distinct?

Step Cut diamonds, such as Baguettes, belong to a family that also includes Emerald and Asscher Cuts. The defining characteristic of Step Cut diamonds is their straight, well-defined facets. As a result, Baguettes have a distinct appearance from Round Cut diamonds, with less brilliance and sparkle.

Baguette diamonds have fewer facets compared to Emeralds, resulting in less shine and making it easier to spot any imperfections. Consequently, they are typically used as smaller "accent" diamonds to enhance the appearance of a center stone in any shape.


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Straight VS Tapered Baguettes

Baguette diamonds come in two shapes: straight cut and tapered. Straight cut baguettes have a perfectly rectangular shape with perpendicular sides. Tapered baguettes, on the other hand, have a trapezoidal shape with inward angles.

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The Baguette

Baguette cut diamonds are appropriately named due to their elongated shape, which resembles the French bread stick of the same name. These diamonds gained popularity during the Art Deco era and were often used in sophisticated costume jewelry and engagement rings.

Are Baguetes available in both natural and mined diamonds?

Yes, both natural diamond baguettes and lab created diamond baguettes are available in Lisa Robin ring styles. However, there are limitations to sizes of baguettes that are redily available.

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