Can ReJewel Ever Be As Cool as Resale?
Luxury fashion brands are embracing resale in the name of circularity and sustainability. Online resale sites like The Real Real or Poshmark offer resale of gently used and sometimes unworn new clothing, shoes, and handbags. Yes, they list branded, especially...
12 Best Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Engagement ring trends evolve with the newest trends including sleek solitaires to dazzling two-stone rings, but consistently vintage style rings capture the hearts of many. Decidedly romantic, ring styles evoking nostalgia are appealing for their distinctive character. 

Is It Better To Buy A Lab Diamond Or A Mined Diamond?
It seems suddenly everyone’s talking about lab-grown diamonds. So, what are they, how do they compare, and should you consider buying one? Well, here's the scoop.
What is a Paper Clip Chain Necklace?
One of the newest trends in jewelry fashion is the paper clip chain necklaces. This style carries a slight nod to the 80’s jewelry trends but has been updated with an industrial chic vibe.
Neck Mess - How To Layer Necklaces
I have always found more is always better. When it comes to one of the hottest jewelry trends, one is never enough. Wether it is layering stack rings, bracelets or necklaces, there is no better way to create your own personal style statement.
How to Choose a Necklace Length
How to Choose a Necklace Length? When choosing the length of a necklace that will be best for you take a look at yourself and follow some easy recommendations. Face Shape Face shape is the first determiner of which length...
What's the Difference Between Lab Diamonds, Moissanite, and Cubic Zirconia?
Everyone loves a diamond alternative, and why not? It is very appealing to find a gemstone that looks like a diamond for a significantly lower investment. I think the popularity of lab diamonds in the market has created some confusion. So let me clear it up.
Is It Okay to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

If you are thinking about getting engaged, you probably not have had the experience of purchasing a diamond engagement ring online. You may not know much about the process, and why would you? It's a once in a lifetime purchase. I get the question frequently. "Do people purchase diamond engagement rings online?" The answer is yes, they do. All the time.

How To Choose A Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring

Selecting a diamond shape for your engagement ring is a very personal choice and likely reflects your personality. If you don’t know much about diamond shapes I am here to help.

There are nine basic diamond shapes used in engagement rings and each one has its own appeal. 

Colored Gold for Jewelry
Colored gold is created by adding different  alloys. For diamond pieces like engagement rings, the color of gold you choose will affect your diamond’s hue, since light bounces off the the metal to reflect on your diamond.
The Engagement Ring Trends You Want to See for 2021
Let’s explore the top engagement ring trends I am seeing right now and what are the favorites of brides to be. So, what are the hottest styles for 2021?
Finding The Correct Ring Size
Ring sizing can be tricky and is a surprisingly personal choice! Some people wear their rings loose, some tight. But knowing your ring size eliminates extra time for resizing after you order your ring. 
Recycled Luxury: 5 Steps to Jewelry You will Love
Designing a new jewelry heirloom. You may have a treasure trove of old jewelry that can be remade into beautiful new jewelry you will love. Lisa shares the process to design a piece of jewelry.
Thinking about getting engaged?
The traditional in-stock ring doesn't typically excite most millennial couples. Unique, customized pieces create an experience that is special to them. Custom rings make a statement and do not blend into the crowd. 
5 Good Reasons to Add Hoop Earrings to Your Wardrobe
Like any statement earring, hoops have the ability to draw the eye towards face. Unlike a chandelier or stud earring, hoops are in the shape of a circle so they are extra complimentary to your jaw and cheekbones. You might not need that extra contour when wearing them.