10 Unique Ways to Style Push Lock Necklaces-Shop the Looks

Lately, we have been loving the trend of layered necklaces, also known as a "neck mess". Our go-to piece for starting the layering process is the push lock necklace. We adore this necklace design for two reasons: it serves as a bold statement piece and is incredibly versatile. To help you explore your own creativity in styling push-lock necklaces, we have put together a guide with some inspiration.


Split Chains
Three Styles

A selection of split chains, chains with rings at each end specially designed to add push locks. Take your pick, luscious 14k yellow gold paper clip, rolo, or curb chains.

How to Style Look #1

This exquisite necklace seamlessly combines two split chains into a single, long piece. Utilizing a paper clip split chain and a rolo split chain, the necklace is connected by a simple yet striking arrangement of small and large round push locks—one on one end and three connected on the other.

For those who prefer to wear the rolo chain as a bracelet, there are two options: order it in a bracelet length or wrap a necklace length around your wrist for a layered effect. To secure it, use a push lock and consider adding a textured pendant to make it truly unique. Complete the entire look with a bold hoop earring.

Push Locks
Round Shapes

The key to a stunning push lock necklace is to mix it up!

Push Lock Necklaces on Model | Lisa Robin

How to Style Look #2

Multi Strand Chain

Simply add a bracelet length chain to create a shorter layer between two split chains.

How to Style Look #3

For this particular style, we opted for a Curb Split Chain to add a unique texture to the push lock necklace. To complement it, we included three long oval push locks - all in yellow gold and one with diamonds. Additionally, we layered two paper clip necklaces, one of which has diamond accents. The beauty of paper clip chains is that their larger links allow for easy length adjustment. To maintain a cohesive look, we repeated the long oval shapes throughout the layering.

Push Locks
Ovals with Pizazz

Combine different sizes and a variety of diamond accents to complete your necklace.

How to Style Look #4

Add in the Spiked Edge Round Push Lock on a curb split chain. Mix in some Ovals, with or without diamonds.

How to Style Look $5
Wrap as a bracelet and Customize with Charms

Wrap your split chain at the wrist, add locks and a charm to create a gorgeous bracelet.

How to Style Look #6

This look stands out due to the incorporation of various sizes and shapes of engraved charms. To achieve this effect, the charm should be hung at different levels throughout the layers. Consistency in the look is maintained by using paper clip chains that repeat. To finish off the look, add paper clip chain bracelets and bold hoop earrings.

How to Style Look #7

To start, choose the paper clip split chain from any push lock product page. Add a combination of push locks to create a round focal point and customize the dangle with an engraved charm. You can also pair it with the Gold Graduated Dome ring, available in two styles, for a beautiful companion piece.

How to style Look #8

Elegantly easy, the diamond heart becomes the focal point on a paper clip split chain. Add a charm to change it up!

Diamond heart Push Lock on Rolo Chain with Spikey Charm | Lisa Robin
Diamond heart Push Lock on Rolo Chain on Model | Lisa Robin
How to Style Look #9
Pad Locks

Add just a padlock or combine with other push locks.

How To Style Look #10

Have fun playing with elegant geometric shapes with diamond accents. And don't miss the enamel push locks to add a touch of color!

We adore these necklace designs for two reasons:

  1. They are bold statement pieces
  2. And incredibly versatile!

Explore your own creativity in styling push-lock necklaces and share with us @lisarobinjewelry on Instagram.