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How to Buy an Engagement Ring- 10 Tips

Discovering your dream engagement ring is a truly fulfilling experience. Whether you're creating a wish list for yourself or selecting the ideal diamond engagement ring for your significant other, we want to help you make an informed decision. Here are our top 10 tips to guide you through the process of purchasing an engagement ring.
1. Select the Metal
2. Consider your Lifestyle
3. Define a Style
4. Consider the Wedding Ring
5. Decide on gemstone Sparkle Factor
6. Set a Budget
7. Include Heirloom Diamonds
8. Choose a Diamond
9. Take it One Step at a Time
10. Make the Proposal About the Ring

Tip #1
Selecting The Metal

Are you someone who prefers yellow gold jewelry or are you open to considering white (silver) metal options as well? Perhaps you're drawn to the warm hue of rose gold or you'd like to experiment with a mix of metals, such as a two-tone setting or a stack of rings in different colors.

TIP #2

If you work with your hands or are an artist, a ring with a low profile and bezel might suit you better than a high-set one with prongs. If you enjoy outdoor activities, a nature-inspired design may be more appealing. If you like variety, consider getting a stack of rings that you can mix and match. Ultimately, choosing a diamond engagement ring that fits your lifestyle will bring you the most joy and longevity.

TIP # 3
Define a Style

Selecting an engagement ring or wedding band is a highly personal decision that should reflect your unique love story. Whether you prefer minimalist designs with clean lines or vintage styles with plenty of sparkle, there is a perfect ring out there for you. Consider defining your style first and then use it as a guide when selecting the perfect engagement ring to symbolize your love.

Olivia Emerald Cut Diamond Ring with Custom Curved Wedding Ring | Lisa Robin
TIP #4
Consider The Wedding Ring

When selecting an engagement ring, it's important to consider how you want to pair it with a wedding ring. Would you like a snug fit between the two rings? Or would you prefer a bit of space between them? Alternatively, do you wish to mix and match multiple wedding rings for different looks? It's all about what suits your personal taste and style.

TIP #5
Decide on Gemstone Sparkle factor

Are you a fan of dazzling diamonds or do you prefer a more understated style? Perhaps you're interested in a unique gemstone engagement ring with a pop of color? The center gemstone of your ring plays a significant role in both its style and cost. For those who love a little sparkle, a round brilliant diamond or a pear cut diamond offer maximum shine. However, if you prefer a more subtle brilliance, a rose cut diamond, rustic diamond, or alternative gemstone such as morganite, sapphire, or emerald may be more suitable options for you.

TIP #6
Set A Budget

When managing a budget, it's essential to prioritize. There are various ways to craft or choose a stunning ring by strategically selecting style elements. If you desire a diamond, prioritize the traits that matter most to you, with the most important being non-negotiable. For instance, if a 2-carat diamond is a must-have because anything smaller looks "tiny" on your long fingers, consider a stunning lab diamond over a mined one. It's crucial to remember that carat refers to weight rather than size. You might also consider a halo design engagement ring to achieve a more prominent appearance. There are many options available to give you a grander look for your money.

TIP #7
Include heirloom Diamonds

Do you happen to have any family heirlooms or old jewelry lying around that could be repurposed in some way? Perhaps there's some jewelry that you no longer wear that could be recycled? We have a solution called Re-Jewel. Don't let the fact that it's currently a bracelet or earrings limit your creativity - it could easily be transformed into a ring. Even if the style is outdated, there may be a beautiful diamond that could be given new life by resetting it in a new design, creating a lovely way to honor the memories of loved ones.

TIP #8
Choose a Diamond

Looking for the ideal diamond? You can choose between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative to natural diamonds as they possess the same properties and are eco-friendly.

TIP #9
Take it One Step At A time

Finding the perfect ring may seem like an unattainable dream, but your love story is happening in the present. As time passes and your life together grows, there will always be opportunities for upgrades. Consider redesigning your ring or adding additional rings to create a wedding stack that reflects the significant milestones in your life.

Tip #10
Make The Proposal About The Ring

Proposal stories are cherished by everyone! The process of choosing or designing an engagement ring together can add a romantic touch to the tale. Whether the reveal of the final ring is planned or a surprise, a personalized ring can make your dreams a reality.

Sierra Engagement Ring and Tara Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold | Lisa Robin

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