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East West Diamond Engagement Rings

Though not entirely new, that look of the moment is east-west set engagement rings. East-West engagement ring settings, or in other words, a sideways set center gemstone for a decidedly fresh aesthetic

Alternative East West Engagement Ring Styles

      When it comes to engagement rings, classic styles are hard to beat. Nevertheless, a slight change in perspective can give a timeless design a modern twist, making it stand out from traditional rings. One such trend that has gained popularity recently is the east-west setting, where the center gemstone is set sideways for a fresh and unique look. East-West engagement rings are perfect for those who want something different. You can choose moissanite, morganite, or alternative diamond for your ring.

      Choosing an East West Diamond Engagement Ring

      An east-west diamond engagement ring a setting where the stone is placed horizontally on the band. This trend offers a fresh and unique look, especially when it comes to classic stone shapes such as ovals, pears, and cuts like emerald, marquise, and cushion. Both diamonds and gemstones can be used for this type of setting, making it a versatile option for those who want something different, yet still appreciate traditional styles.

      Join the narrative by crafting your own east west diamond ring from start to finish.

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      Creating a bespoke east west diamond engagement ring

      It's all about the shapes

      The center shape your prefer allows us to design the added touches; hidden halo, twist band, or side stones. To learn more about this process...

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