Tips for Styling Jewelry Like a Pro: The 2020 Jewelry Style Guide

Pulling together a polished style requires well-chosen accessories to set off your fashion choices. But how should you put it all together? Our jewelry style guide will answer your questions about jewelry styling.

How do I layer necklaces to create a unique look?

Jewelry Style Guide 1:  4 How To Guidelines for Layering Necklaces

Tips for styling jewelry: the 2020 jewelry style guide

When creating a layered look, you want to appear effortless as if you're wearing your favorite pieces, collected over many years. Here are 4 simple guidelines to incorporate style, dimension, scale, and color.

How do I find the perfect earrings for my face shape?

Jewelry Style Guide 2: 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect earrings for your Face Shape

5 tips for finding earrings for your face shape-Lisa Robin jewelry

Earrings can make your face appear wider, thinner, or longer depending on how they flatter your face shape. Find examples of earrings for round, square, oval, heart, and heart-shaped faces.

How can I stack bracelets to reflect my style?

Jewelry Style Guide 3: 5 Perfect Bracelet Stacks to Fit Your Style 

5 Perfect Bracelet Stacks to Fit Your Style-Lisa Robin Jewelry

Assembling a stylish stack can elevate your look but it isn't as easy as throwing on several bracelets. You’ve got to take various metals, textures, shapes, and hues into account to create a good balance. We have put together some ideas, whether you’re a free-spirited bohemian or a polished prepster.

Photo Credit: Corey Lynn-Patton, Classics Expressions Photography

What are the top jewelry trends for 2020?

Jewelry Style Guide 4: 5 Fresh Jewelry Trends for 2020

Modern Pearls

Luscious pearls have a place in every classic style woman’s jewelry box. But what if your style isn’t quite so classic? Take a modern twist on pearl jewelry and add soon to become classic jewelry to your look.

Fresh Pearl Jewelry | Lisa Robin Jewelry


If I am blonde, what is the best jewelry color for me?

 Jewelry Style Guide 5: 5 Blue Gemstones That Look Great on Blondes 

5 Blue Lisa Robin Jewelry Gemstones and Birthstones

Do you find yourself combing through your jewelry wondering which earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets might look best with your hair color? You're not alone! I have found a special place in my personal jewelry collection for blue gemstones because they are flattering color options with my blonde hair. 

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