10 Tips To Select The
Perfect Engagement Ring

One of the most rewarding moments I have is when your significant other declares “this is the PERFECT engagement ring! So, whether you’re putting together a wish list to suggest what you would like in an engagement ring to a special someone or choosing the perfectly suited diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, I am here to help! Here are my top 10 tips for selecting in on the perfect engagement ring.

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 1. Selecting the Metal

Do you wear primarily yellow gold? Will you only consider a white (silver) metal? You love the warm color of rose gold? Or maybe you would like to mix up the metals either in a two-tone setting or a stack of rings in multiple colors. More about colored gold. 

White Gold Engagement Ring

White Gold or Platinum 

White Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold 

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

  Mixed Colors of Gold

 2. Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you have a profession where you work with your hands (medical professional, artist, etc)? Choosing a ring with a low profile and bezel might fit in best, rather than something very high set with prongs. Do you love outdoor activities? It might be a sign a nature inspired design would appeal. Do you like to change things up? Maybe having a stack of rings that can be mixed and matched. Choosing a diamond engagement ring that fits into your life best will most likely give you the most longevity and most happiness along the way!

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Bezel Set

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

Nature Inspired

Stacking Wedding Rings

Stack Rings

3. Define a Style

An engagement ring or wedding band is a meaningful and personal symbol and it should reflect your love story. Are you a minimalist who appreciates clean lines? A vintage romantic? Do you appreciate modern, geometric shapes and clean, smooth textures? Once you’ve defined your style, use it as a guideline when selecting a style of engagement ring. 

Minimalist Diamond Solitaire

Minimalist Design

Trillion Halo Engagement Ring

Vintage Inspired

Geometric Gold Engagement Ring

East West

4. Consider the Wedding Band

When choosing an engagement ring, think about if and how you’d like to pair it with a wedding band. Do you prefer a neat fit between the engagement ring and wedding band? Do you fancy a little space between the wedding band and the engagement ring? Or would you like to mix a series of wedding band rings you could wear different ways?

Halo Engagement Ring

Space Between Diamond Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

Princess Engagement Ring

Wedding Band Fits Flush with Engagement Ring

Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable Diamond and Gold Wedding Rings

5. Gemstone Sparkle Factor

Are you a diamond lover after bling? Or you prefer something more understated and beautiful. You love color and would like an alternative gemstone. The type, quality and size center gemstone contributes the most to both cost and style of your engagement ring. If you truly enjoy sparkle, a round brilliant diamond, or even a brilliant pear cut diamond are great options for maximum shine. If you are more interested in having an engagement ring with a modest brilliance, a rose cut, rustic diamond or even an alternative gem like morganite, sapphire, or emerald are great options.

Halo Engagement Ring

Brilliant Pear Diamond Halo Ring

Custom Engagement Ring

Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Morganite Engagement Ring

Morganite Cushion Cut Halo Ring

Size of Diamond

6. Let's talk Budget

When working with a budget the first step is to PRIORITIZE. There are many ways to create or select a beautiful ring by choosing the elements of a style in smart way. If you want a diamond, consider the characteristics that are most important to you, with the top being the non-negotiable trait. If you know you MUST have a 2 carat diamond because anything smaller just looks “tiny” on your long fingers, then consider a beautiful champagne shade instead of completely colorless diamond. Remember carat refers to weight not size. You could also consider a halo design in the same color as your center stone to create a larger look. There are plenty of options to give you a larger look for your money.

Custom Engagement and Wedding Rings
Halo Engagement Ring

Double Halo and Round Halo

Not sure of ring size?

Order a Finger Sizer

7. Re-Jewel

Is there a family heirloom or old jewelry that could be re-purposed in some way? Maybe jewelry you no longer wear which can be recycled? Hint: just because it is now a bracelet or earrings doesn't mean it can't become a ring. Sometimes a dated style can possess a beautiful diamond that could be re-set in a new design, giving it a new life and creating a beautiful way to remember those in our lives. You can find more info on that process here.

Vintage Ruby Ring

Re-Jeweled using existing diamonds

Ascherl Rose Gold Engagement Ring

From Mom's Ring to Re-Styled Stack Rings

8. Gemstone Considerations

If you are seeking the perfect diamond, you have the choice of a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are the perfect natural diamond alternative because they have all of the same properties as a natural diamond and are respectful of the environment. But, there are unlimited types and colors of alternate gemstones, so begin with preferred colors and ask for a section from there.

9. Take It One Step at a Time

Sometimes the perfect ring is a distant dream, but your love story is unfolding now. There will always be room for upgrades as time and your life together evolves. A ring can be redesigned or add additional bands to come can create a wedding stack that reflects meaningful milestones in your life.

Engagement Ring
Custom Design Engagement Rings

10. Make the Proposal About the Ring

Everyone loves a great proposal story! A romantic process of designing or picking an engagement ring together can be a lovely part of the story. Whether the delight of seeing the final ring is part of the process or a surprise, a custom designed ring can make your dreams come true.

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