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Rejewel: Reimagining your jewelry

Learn about the process of reimagining your family heirlooms or jewelry you are no longer enjoying into a new, one-of-a-kind treasure.

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ReJewel-Redesign Your Jewelry

“Help, I have a piece of heirloom jewelry and I never wear it! I wish it were more my style…”

We frequently heard from our clients that we decided to put jewelry makeovers at the forefront of what we offer as a private jeweler. And I’m so glad we did—we love breathing new life into outdated pieces!


We consider the process rejewel—the process of reimagining your family heirlooms or jewelry you are no longer enjoying into a new, one-of-a-kind treasure. Something that you absolutely love and celebrate and will wear over and over again! The beauty of a rejewel is that the sentiment of the original piece remains but lives on in a way that aligns with your personal style. And nothing sits gathering dust in a jewelry box—we believe that jewelry would be worn and enjoyed, as often as possible. 

Pearl Bracelet Rejewel


There are countless reasons why someone might choose to redesign their old jewelry into something new—a lot of times it comes down to aesthetics (your aunt’s 1950s cocktail ring is not your style, or you’re a white gold person, not a yellow gold person, or the bauble in your possession feels straight out of Dallas or Dynasty circa 1985).

 What to do with an engagement ring if the wedding is called off or in the event of a divorce? I have lots of ideas for that! The best way to move on is to reinvent your jewelry into something that celebrates you and your new life—what better way to symbolize a fresh start?

 You might also be in the mindset of wanting to honor a loved one through some jewelry you have inherited from them—these projects can be very personal and emotional. I promise to treat this and all redesign projects with the utmost sensitivity—and discretion.

How much does rejewel Cost?

Well, much like with any custom jewelry design project, the cost is determined by what you are trying to create. So, it depends. Since we will have existing materials to work with, the value of those gemstones and metals will factor into the final quote, a significant savings. To account for my design time, I charge a flat fee of $400 which is credited to the final quoted price.

Gemstones and Loupe and Tweezers | Lisa Robin
Smelting Jewelry for Recycling Metal | Lisa Robin
How Does It work

Usually we upcycle the gemstones in the original piece and melt the precious metal for use in the rejewel (we can also apply the metal’s cash value to the cost of the project). This allows us to preserve the sentimental value of the original materials. A ring doesn't have to stay a ring, it can become a gorgeous pendant, and there is nothing preventing a tennis bracelet from becoming a beautiful set of diamond stacking rings.

Step #1
Book a Consultation

The first step is to book a private consultation, which takes place in-person at our studio in Dayton, Ohio or via Zoom. No matter how we meet, the design process is the same, and offered with expert guidance and personalized attention.

What happens during the Design Consultation?

During your custom engagement ring design consultation, we’ll start by defining your style and narrowing your preferences. We’ll pull up pictures of rings, discuss what you like (and don’t like), and talk a bit about your lifestyle (if you’re always in garden, for example, or an avid surfer, there are some details to consider in terms of how high the ring sits on your finger and the durability of the metal you choose). I may sketch a few concepts as we move along. I’ll advise on diamonds and gemstones, and metals, and together we’ll land a design concept that ticks all the boxes. 


This is the magical time when the design we have in mind comes to life. Computer drawings are developed, to scale, to let you see a three-dimensional rendering of your engagement ring. If we haven’t quite nailed it, we can tweak the design till we have it just right.

CAD Rendering and Final Ring

CAD Drawing of Teal Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin
Teal Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

Rejewel cocktail ring into stack rings

Emerald and Diamond Stack Rings Rejewel | Lisa Robin
Lisa Robin Rejewel Before
Step # 6
Jewelry Crafting

We use final approved CAD drawings to a make handcrafted wax mold, which happens in our workshop. Then we have one of our best-in-class bench jewelers use the wax mold to cast the design in your chosen metal and set the diamonds in it. Careful hand-finishing and polishing of the design are the final steps, all overseen by our master jeweler, every step of the way. We are happy to keep you updated through the whole process.

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