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If you're looking for a unique centrepiece for your engagement ring, colored gemstones can be a great choice. From stunning sapphires to delicate morganite and vibrant emeralds, there are a variety of types to choose from. Discover more about each type and find the perfect fit for your ring.

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Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you're looking for a colorful and unique alternative to diamonds, gemstones might be the perfect choice. With a wide variety of hues to choose from, gemstones like morganite, sapphires, and emeralds have been used for centuries to adorn precious jewelry, and they make for stunning and one-of-a-kind engagement rings. These gorgeous stones are formed through natural processes and come in a range of colors based on the elements present in the stone. 

Colored gemstone engagement rings, which can feature fancy color diamonds or vibrant gemstones like emeralds and sapphires, offer a unique and eye-catching alternative. With so many beautiful classic and modern designs, you're sure to find the perfect ring to suit your taste. Start by considering the color and cut of the stone that best reflects your personal style, but keep an open mind as you may discover the ideal match in a slightly different shape. Once you've chosen your gemstone, design your ring to showcase its natural beauty.

Any gemstone You Can Imagine

Lisa Robin features several gemstone options in a selection of engagement ring styles. Of course, many other gemstones are available and colored gemstones can be put into any engagement ring style or create something totally unique.

About Alternative Gemstones


Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a sapphire engagement ring.

Learn About Sapphire


Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of opting for an emerald engagement ring.

Learn About Emerald


Learn about morganite and using it in engagement rings.

Learn About Morganite


Learn how the beautiful alternative to diamond for engagement rings.

What is Moissanite

Rustic Diamonds

Learn about these unique diamonds and why they are trending right now.

About Rustic Diamonds
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That’s why we are here to guide you through every step - from understanding the qualities of different gemstones, to designing the perfect ring.

ABOUT Gemstones

Gemstones are created by natural phenomena, with their colors determined by the elements present within them. Although there are about 200 different types of gemstones found in the world, only a select few are suitable for fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Some gemstones may have inclusions or softness issues, which is a consideration when selecting a gemstone for an engagement ring. However, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarine, moissanite, and morganite are excellent alternatives to diamonds and are perfect for engagement rings.


Can I Use Colored gemstones in any engagement ring style?

Yes! Any engagement ring offered by Lisa Robin can be fitted with a n alternative gemstone center.

Are lab created and natural gemstones available?

Yes! Lisa Robin offers both natural and lab created colored gemstones. On standard listings, if you don't see your preference just ask. In many cases natural gemstones are not readily available in standard sizes so we offer lab created gemstones of the comparable standard size.

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