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Round Diamond Engagement Rings in Dayton, Ohio


    A round brilliant cut diamond is stunning in any style, from elevated round diamond solitaires to multi-stone styles. Express your personality with our curated collection, covering styles from simple to spectacular, only found in Dayton, Ohio, at Lisa Robin.

    Is there anything more quintessentially romantic than a round diamond engagement ring? This shape is a classic for a reason, with irresistibly sparkling, brilliant-cut facets and a timeless shape.

    In your choice of yellow, rose, or white gold, our round diamond designs range from diamond cluster and halo styles to classic solitaires.

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    At Lisa Robin in Dayton, Ohio, you can explore an array of choices in lab created or natural diamonds, including classic, contemporary, and custom designs. Whether you're a seasoned diamond enthusiast or a first-time buyer, the Lisa Robin in the Gem City promises a delightful journey in finding that perfect diamond that speaks to your heart.

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