What is a Paper Clip Chain Necklace?

Paper Clip Chain Necklaces | Lisa Robin

One of the newest trends in jewelry is the paper clip chain necklaces. It has caught my eye and I have integrated it into my "neck mess". This style carries a slight nod to the 80’s jewelry trends but has been updated with an industrial chic vibe I love.

What is a Paper Clip Chain Necklace?

 At first glance these jewelry pieces look like thier namesake, but no, they are not a string of ordinary paper clips linked together. Characterized by elongated chain links fastened together in gold, the necklaces are simple chains, with options of a little added bling. Layered with other lengths of paper clip chains or adding in any of your favorite necklaces, this is a statement making look. Paper clip chain necklaces come in a variety of styles, some chunkier links and others are longer and thinner. Wear them dressed up for a night out or add just enough flair to your go to casual look.

Paper clip chain jewelry can be found in colored gold. While most often styled as necklaces they can also be found in layered bracelets and longer earrings. Inspired by the humble paper clip, these chains blend architectural elements with the beauty of jewelry. Paper clip chains can be layered at multiple lengths or paired with pendants, charms, and diamonds. 

Paper Clip Chain Jewelry | Lisa Robin

How do I add a Push Lock?

A push lock is an added decorative piece that acts as the clasp on the necklace. The chain is finished with rings to hold the push lock and requires at least one to close the split chain necklace. Adding a push lock, or two, or three, adds another trend to the paper clip necklace. These configurations can also be worn at the wrist as a bracelet.

Push Lock Jewelry | Lisa Robin

How to Choose a Necklace Length?

When choosing the length of a necklace that will be best for you take a look at your features and follow some easy recommendations on How To Choose A Necklace Length.


Paper Clip Chain Necklaces | Lisa Robin

Are you ready to add a paper clip chain necklace or bracelet to your jewelry collection? Shop all paper clip and push locks now.