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12 Best Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Engagement ring trends evolve with the newest trends including sleek solitaires to dazzling two-stone rings, but consistently vintage style rings capture the hearts of many. Decidedly romantic, ring styles evoking nostalgia are appealing for their distinctive character. If you are seeking a timeless unique look, a vintage style engagement ring may be just what you desire. Let's take a closer look at our most popular vintage style engagement rings by period influences.


Victorian Era  (1835-1900) Engagement Ring Styles

During the Victorian era, Marquise shapes were highly favored in jewelry design, both as a gemstone shape and in overall patterns. This period also saw the rise in popularity of rows, halos, and diamond cluster rings. While large diamonds were not common during this time, diamond solitaires became fashionable among consumers. However, most diamonds used were old mine cuts, old European cuts, step cuts, or rose cuts as modern diamond cuts like the round brilliant had not yet been developed.

Vintage Inspired
Diamond Cluster Rings

The nature-inspired design of the Anna engagement ring exudes Victorian ear elegance balanced with modern luxury.

The elegant center marquise diamond is flanked by clusters of marquise diamonds, arranged in a leaf-like pattern for a romantic and whimsical feel. The center marquise diamond's brilliance is enhanced by the accent marquises. 

Vintage Stle

With its distinctive floral halo, our beautiful Jaylin halo engagement ring is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Four clusters of three round diamonds encircle the center stone, creating a simultaneously striking yet delicate visual effect.

The clusters are artfully positioned between the four prongs that securely hold the central round diamond, creating a sense of balance and elegance. A polished, tapered band adds a classic finish to this modern diamond halo engagement ring.

Vintage Inspired

Travel back in time with the vintage-inspired Sierra engagement ring. This truly distinctive design features a stunning pear-shaped diamond center surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds.

We've given this classic style a subtle design update, with slightly larger size stones accentuating the North, South, East, and West points. The band is adorned with even more round diamonds, the pavé style adding even more brilliance.

Vintage Inspired
Wedding Set

The stunning Shae bridal set is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking an original wedding and engagement ring. 

Featuring a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring and a chevron wedding band, Shae is filled with vintage-inspired romance.

The pear-cut diamond in the engagement ring is bezel set and adorned with a crown of round diamonds, drawing attention as a brilliant centerpiece. A chevron wedding band beautifully complements the engagement ring, featuring marquise and round diamonds that seamlessly embrace the pear-shaped diamond.

Despite its intricate appearance, the Shae has been designed with comfort and practicality in mind. Sitting low on the finger, the set is unobtrusive and effortless to wear.

Edwardian Era (1900-1920) Engagement Ring Styles

If you appreciate elegant and intricate jewelry, you'll love the pieces from the Edwardian Era. Rings during this time were usually made of platinum and decorated with detailed filigree metalwork, featuring beautiful designs like scrolling, ribbons, and vines. Floral patterns were also popular. In addition to diamonds and pearls, colored gemstones were increasingly used in jewelry during this era. The most commonly used diamond cuts were old mine cuts, old European cuts, and rose cuts.

Vintage Inspired

The vintage-inspired Genevieve hexagon engagement ring is a piece you’ll treasure forever.

At its heart is a sparkling round brilliant cut diamond. A geometric hexagon setting brings a touch of modernity to the solitaire design. With delicate texture, milgrain edges add an elegant, vintage touch.

The narrow, rounded band is designed to complement the center of the ring, ensuring all attention is on the diamond and its setting. 

With its subtle sense of nostalgia, we think this ring celebrates the beauty of the past, while looking forward to your bright future together!

Vintage Inspired
The Zakari Starlight Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The Zakari engagement ring is a celestial beauty, with a scattered diamond design evoking the glitter of stars in the night sky.

The princess-cut center diamond is set in ‘north-south’ orientation, adding a contemporary twist to an otherwise classic setting. A pair of accent diamonds adorn each side of the delicate band, while eight round diamonds orbit the center.

With this stardust-sprinkling of extra brilliance and radiance, the Zakari is a perfect choice for those who want a truly spectacular engagement ring.

Vintage Inspired
Halo Style

A bold halo of sparkling round diamonds makes the Madison engagement ring a true statement piece.

Reminiscent of a flower, this ring showcases a singular design that pays homage to vintage styles with a contemporary air. The striking halo surrounds an oval diamond center, creating a graceful, elongated look.

Madison's halo features six round melee diamonds, nestled within the floral halo to create a dazzling, brilliant bloom. The cut-down setting style both enhances the diamonds and matches the tapered, polished band. 

A vintage-inspired yet modern piece you will treasure for a lifetime, the Madison is ideal for anyone looking for an unusual engagement ring that makes a distinctive statement.

Vintage Inspired
Halo Ring

For an irresistibly striking and original look, consider the Aatish diamond engagement ring.

We’ve called it ‘effervescent’ for a reason. The beautiful halo design appears to bubble out around the center diamond, for a vibrant yet luxurious effect.

Each stone is expertly set in a trio of prongs, creating a distinctive, textural halo. The accent diamonds enhance and enliven the center stone, whatever size you choose.

A halo or cluster engagement ring is always a luxurious choice, and the Aatish Effervescent ring is a modern twist on this timeless style.

Art Deco (1920-1940) Engagement Ring Styles

During the Art Deco era, designers were able to create truly stunning pieces through their use of geometry and repetitive patterns. The metalwork was particularly noteworthy, featuring intricate bead embellishments and angular shapes that were both eye-catching and elegant.

The use of step-cut diamonds, such as the emerald, asscher, and baguette cuts, also added to the overall allure of this era's designs.

The interplay between the geometric shapes and the stepped facets of these diamonds made them especially popular during the 1920s and 1930s.

Vintage Inspired
Geometric Engagement Rings

A delicate beauty with a vintage twist, the stunning Meredith ring makes a gorgeous engagement or promise ring.

With your choice of oval, emerald, or round diamond center, the Meredith balances an elegant silhouette with delicate vintage detailing. Each center stone is flanked by two round accent diamonds, creating a striking five-stone ring. 

The stones are set in individual bezel settings, with intricate milgrain edges. This nod to vintage style adds an extra layer of charm to an enchanting design.

A polished band contrasts with the textural settings, finishing the ring with a little modern minimalism.

Vintage Inspired
Art Deco Engagement Rings

The Bellamy wedding set is a true embodiment of vintage charm, featuring geometric baguette diamonds and a delicate round diamond band.

Not only does its stunning beauty shine through, but it also delivers exceptional comfort, making it an excellent choice for those who value elegance and functionality.

Its timeless appeal makes it a perfect symbol of love and commitment, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a promise ring.

Retro Era (1940-1960) Engagement Ring Styles

Prior to World War II, few engagement rings featured a center diamond. However, after the highly successful DeBeers Diamond campaign, which began in the 1940s, engagement rings almost exclusively featured diamonds.

Unlike earlier rings, engagement rings from this “Retro Era” featured simpler designs. Solitaire rings and baguette side stones were quite popular, and the typical size of the center stone grew larger once the Depression ended.

Since the non-military use of platinum was banned during World War II, yellow and rose gold became the metals of choice for engagement rings in the United States during this period. Many rings from this era were two-toned, with both yellow gold and white gold in the design.

A modern round brilliant diamond in a simple gold design might just describe your grandmother’s engagement ring, and this nostalgia makes these rings popular today.

Vintage Retro Era
Baguette Side Stone

With its incredible trio of diamonds, the Devon diamond engagement ring will make your heart skip a beat.

Inspired by classic fine jewelry styling, the Devon flanks its central diamond shape of your choice with two tapered baguettes. The tapered style leads the eye toward the center diamond, enhancing and highlighting the hero stone.

A trilogy style is traditionally a symbol of the past, present, and future of your relationship - and in this design, we’re embracing tradition. Baguette diamonds have a deco-feel, giving our Devon a vintage charm and sense of twenties-glamor.

A rounded, deeply profiled band finished the ring with an elegant and tactile feel. A truly extraordinary piece to make a luxurious statement.

Vintage Inspired

With a stunning three rows of pavé diamonds on the band, the Ari is a true showstopper of an  engagement ring.

The pavé diamonds create a sparkling and opulent effect, accentuating the center stone in the size and shape of your choice.

With its gently domed shape and polished interior, Ari's diamond-studded band is both striking and comfortable. The pairing of brilliant diamonds and minimalist styling creates a luxurious look without extravagance.

For a complementary and impactful wedding set look, pair the Ari engagement ring with our Alex Three Row Pavé diamond wedding band.

Vintage Inspired
Classic Solitaire Ring

In the Katharine engagement ring, we've created a modern take on the classic solitaire.

A round diamond center is held in place by six prongs, for a tiara-like look, and rests on a sleek band. With 3mm width and knife-edge finish, the Katharine engagement ring creates an elegant statement.

The simplicity of the setting and band highlight the brilliance and beauty of the center diamond. Whatever size diamond you choose, you'll enjoy a stunning yet understated look.

Engagement rings are constantly evolving, with new trends emerging all the time. From the simplicity of solitaires to the striking appeal of two-stone rings, there are countless options available. However, vintage style rings remain a beloved favorite for many. These rings have a romantic and nostalgic aura that sets them apart from the rest. If you want a timeless and unique look for your engagement ring, a vintage style ring is definitely worth considering. If we can help with selecting a perfect vintage inspired engagement ring for you, get in touch.

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