Finger Sizer - Lisa Robin
Finger Sizer - Lisa Robin
Finger Sizer - Lisa Robin

Finger Sizer

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You can easily and confidentially measure your finger size from US sizes 0-17 with accurate full, half, and quarter sizes. 

Each multi-sizer comes in an envelope with instructions and can be used over & over again. 

Tips to make sure you order the correct ring size.

  • Measure when your body temperature is average, neither cold nor hot. A cold finger shrinks while a hot finger expands, causing inaccurate sizing.
  • If you can’t decide between two sizes, always choose the larger one. 
  • A wider band needs a bigger size. If you are considering purchasing a wide band, move up a ¼ to ½ size from your measurement for comfort’s sake.
  • If you plan to stack rings such as wedding ring and engagement ring, you may consider increasing the size to accommodate the total width.
  • If your knuckle is much larger than the base of your finger, and you're using the finger sizer, measure both the base and your knuckle and select a size between the two. 

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