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In the following, find out about the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a morganite engagement ring.

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About Morganite

Did you know that morganite is a type of beryl mineral that comes in beautiful shades of pink and orange-pink? It's actually related to other popular gemstones like emerald and aquamarine. Morganite's delicate hue is a result of manganese traces. Due to its unique pleochroism, displaying shades of pale pink and deeper bluish-pink, precise orientation of the rough is essential during fashioning. It's uncommon to find strongly colored morganite gems, and typically, larger stones are required for achieving the best coloration.
Morganite exhibits a fascinating characteristic of emitting a vibrant red fluorescence under X-ray exposure, without any phosphorescence when the X-ray source is discontinued.
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What to Look For in a morganite Engagement Ring

What is the most important factor of natural morganite?

When it comes to morganite engagement rings, the quality is mainly determined by the color. The natural color of morganite is caused by trace amounts of manganese. However, most morganite has a very light natural color, particularly when it is cut into faceted gems weighing two carats or less. To achieve the best appearance, it is recommended that the gems cut from morganite should be at least two carats in size. To make the morganite more attractive and marketable, the light-colored morganite is often treated with heat or irradiation to increase its color saturation. These treatments can shift the gem towards the pink side of morganite's color range.

Is morganite available lab created?

Synthetic morganite is produced, although not in large commercial quantities. We offer natural morganite as a standard.

What stone cut works best with morganite?

Cut is important to maximize color in an emerald. Often emeralds are cut into a rectangular shape to minimize inclusions and add sparkle.

What settings and metals work best with morganite?

Morganites are a versatile gemstone that can be used in both modern and classic ring designs. The pink color makes them a great match with rose gold. Moganite can also complement the warmer tone of yellow and the cool tones of white gold or platinum. The result is a stunning and unique engagement ring.

How durable is morganite?

Did you know that morganite, a type of beryl mineral, boasts high durability with a hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the MOHS scale? It is easily distinguished from other beryls by its unique orange-pink hue. Interestingly, after sapphire, morganite is the second most sought-after colored gemstone used as a center stone in engagement rings these days.

Morganite vs Kunzite

A mineral that closely resembles morganite in terms of its pink color is kunzite, which is a pastel pink variant of spodumene. Interestingly, kunzite is occasionally discovered in the same mines as morganite. While morganite has a warmer pink hue, kunzite typically has a purplish pink tone. However, it's important to note that kunzite is significantly softer than morganite, with a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.0.

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