Neck Mess - How To Layer Necklaces

I have always found more is always better. When it comes to one of the hottest jewelry trends, one is never enough. Wether it is layering stack rings, bracelets or necklaces, there is no better way to create your own personal style statement.

What is a Neck Mess?

A neck mess is slang for layering and mixing necklaces in you own unique way to tell your story through your jewelry. Incorporating charms with meaning for example, will speak to who you are and be very unique to your own story.

It’s not just the necklaces you choose, but it’s also how you layer them that defines your individuality. You may include dainty layers in your signature style or a few big, bold statement necklaces. Creating a neck mess is all about how you express your style.

Tips for the Best Neck Mess

I suggest start building a layered necklace look by choosing a focal point. It can be your favorite piece or the first piece that catches your eye. When creating a neck mess, what you are really doing is curating a collection of jewelry. If you love all things celestial, start with a celestial star and moon necklace and add a diamond choker and chain to the mix. The possibilities are limitless.

Fine Necklaces Layered Necklaces | Lisa Robin

As you get started, you may want to limit your layered look to just two to four necklaces. Try varying the lengths (see How to Choose a Necklace Length) of each chain based on your outfit and neckline. Layer them so each remains visible and doesn’t completely overlap another. Mixing chains with pendant necklaces is always an artful combination.

Layering Necklaces | Neck Mess | Lisa Robin

Consider choosing a unifying theme. Try all diamond pieces, but mix necklace styles and lengths and vintage and contemporary necklaces. Experiment with different link sizes of paper clip chains. Layer gold chain necklaces, each with a unique accent or link. Whatever your style, the layered necklace look is a perfect way to express your individuality.

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