12 Best Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Engagement ring trends evolve with the newest trends including sleek solitaires to dazzling two-stone rings, but consistently vintage style rings capture the hearts of many. Decidedly romantic, ring styles evoking nostalgia are appealing for their distinctive character. If you are seeking a timeless unique look, a vintage style engagement ring may be just what you desire. Let's take a closer look at my most popular vintage style engagement rings.

Victorian Era  (1835-1900)

In Victorian styles marquise shapes were popular, either as a gemstone shape or in the overall design. Rows, halos, and clusters of diamonds became popular during this era. 

Although large diamonds were uncommon at this time, consumers began to wear diamond solitaires. However, most diamonds were old mine cuts, old European cuts, step cuts, or rose cuts, since modern diamond cuts like the round brilliant hadn’t been invented yet.

The Hadley

The Hadley round diamond halo surrounds the marquise diamond size of your choice. The diamond halo undulates around the center diamond is a throwback to days gone by. Don't let this one fool you though, it is thoroughly modern.

Sierra Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | LISA ROBIN

The Sierra

Take a step back in time with the Sierra engagement ring. Its vintage styling featuring a pear-shaped center diamond wrapped in a diamond halo. The halo accents the North, South, East, and West points with a larger diamond to give it a truly vintage look. The shank is accented with round diamonds.

Jaylin Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Jaylin

The Jaylin captivates with a halo of four clusters of three round diamonds around the center diamond. The clusters are delicately placed between the four prongs holding the round diamond center.

 The Shae Pear Shaped Diamond Wedding Set | Lisa Robin

The Shae

The Shae is a delicate vintage style pear shaped diamond engagement ring with a chevron wedding ring as a set. The pear shaped diamond is bezel set and wears a crown of round diamonds. It fits neatly into the chevron wedding band with marquise and round diamonds. 

Edwardian Era (1900-1920)

If you’re into intricate, lacy designs, you’ll love jewelry from the Edwardian Era. Rings from this period were generally platinum and included intricate metalwork called filigree in designs featuring scrolling, ribbons, and vines. Floral motifs were also popular. 

Although diamonds and pearls continued to be popular, colored gemstones appeared in jewelry more frequently. Old mine cuts, old European cuts, and rose cuts were the most common cuts for diamonds in this period.

Madison Halo Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Madison

The Madison brings a bold halo of round diamonds to an oval diamond center reminiscent of a flower. Unique, a nod to vintage, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Pear Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Anna

The Anna channels an elegant nature inspired design. Marquise diamonds flank the center pear shaped diamond in clusters reminiscent of leaves. Romantic, with plenty of sparkle, the Anna appeals to someone who like to be unique.

Art Deco (1920-1940)

Art Deco design was all about bold geometry and repeating patterns. Metalwork styling of repeating angles and tiny bead details called milgrain are common Art Deco design feature.

Step-cut diamonds like emerald, asscher, and baguette cuts became fashionable in the Art Deco era. The geometric shapes accented by the geometric stepped facets of the cuts make these diamond shapes particularly appealing during the 1920’s and 1930’s era.

Genevieve Hexagon Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Genevieve

The Genevieve is a modern take on an Art Deco style. The Genevieve’s hexagon shape surrounding a round diamond includes common Art Deco metalwork styling of repeating angles and milgrain are true to the Art Deco style. The Genevieve maintains a vintage vibe but is a thoroughly modern engagement ring design.

Bellamy Art Deco Inspired Step Diamond Wedding Set | Lisa Robin

The Bellamy

The Bellamy combines a stair stepping design with baguette diamonds to create a budget friendly vintage art deco style wedding set. The decidedly geometric aesthetic of the Bellamy is beautifully balanced with the delicate round diamond wedding band. 

Meredith Vintage Style Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Meredith

As elegant as it is delicate, the Meredith brings vintage styling to this engagement or promise ring. Large diamonds were not as common in vintage designs and the Merideth features elegantly petite diamonds in your choice of oval diamond, emerald cut diamond, or round diamond center accented by two round diamonds on each side. The bezel setting features vintage-inspired milgrain to give it that extra special styling.

Retro Era (1940-1960)

Prior to World War II, few engagement rings featured a center diamond. However, after the highly successful DeBeers Diamond campaign, which began in the 1940s, engagement rings almost exclusively featured diamonds.

Unlike earlier rings, engagement rings from this “Retro Era” featured simpler designs. Solitaire rings and baguette side stones were quite popular, and the typical size of the center stone grew larger once the Depression ended.

Since the non-military use of platinum was banned during World War II, yellow and rose gold became the metals of choice for engagement rings in the United States during this period. Many rings from this era were two-toned, with both yellow gold and white gold in the design.

A modern round brilliant diamond in a simple gold design might just describe your grandmother’s engagement ring, and this nostalgia makes these rings popular today.

Devon Baguette Three Stone Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Devon

The Devon diamond engagement ring flanks the center diamond with tapered baguette diamonds evoking a vintage vibe. Elegant beyond belief, this ring has the stunning effect of making the center diamond appear larger. 


The AriAri Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Ari has three rows of brilliant pave' diamonds on its band with just a little dome. The rows of diamonds elegantly show off your beautiful center diamond.

Katharine Knife Edge Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

The Katharine

The Katharine solitaire engagement ring has a band that tapers offering a subtle knife edge detail that takes the Katharine solitaire diamond ring to another level. The simple elegance is unparalleled and features the diamond prominently in a six-prong setting. 

Now you understand why consistently vintage style rings capture the hearts of so many. Whether its the nostalgia or the romance, these ring styles are appealing for their distinctive character. If you are seeking a timeless unique look, a vintage style engagement ring may be just what you desire. 

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