Buying a Diamond | Quality Factors
Fine diamond jewelry is always admired and desired for its beauty. For centuries, diamonds, regarded as the ultimate gift, have been a symbol of eternal love and beauty as defined by the wearer. Whether a gift for yourself or someone...
How to Buy an Engagement Ring- 10 Tips
One of the most rewarding moments I have is when you find your PERFECT engagement ring. So whether you’re putting together a wish list to suggest what you would like in an engagement ring or choosing the perfectly suited diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, here are our top 10 tips for buying an engagement ring.
INFOGRAPHIC: What's The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Mined Diamonds?
It seems suddenly everyone’s talking about lab-grown diamonds, but what is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond? 
Is It Better To Buy A Lab Diamond Or A Mined Diamond?
It seems suddenly everyone’s talking about lab-grown diamonds. So, what are they, how do they compare, and should you consider buying one? Well, here's the scoop.
Is It Okay to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

If you are thinking about getting engaged, you probably not have had the experience of purchasing a diamond engagement ring online. You may not know much about the process, and why would you? It's a once in a lifetime purchase. I get the question frequently. "Do people purchase diamond engagement rings online?" The answer is yes, they do. All the time.

Colored Gold for Jewelry: What Gives Colored Gold Jewelry Its Color?
Learn about how colored gold is created by adding different alloys. Discover which color gold is best for jewelry and for your skin tone.
Thinking about getting engaged?
The traditional in-stock ring doesn't typically excite most millennial couples. Unique, customized pieces create an experience that is special to them. Custom rings make a statement and do not blend into the crowd.