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Buying an Engagement Ring Online

If you are thinking about getting engaged, you probably not have had the experience of purchasing a diamond engagement ring online. You may not know much about the process, and why would you? It's a once in a lifetime purchase. We get the question frequently. "Do people purchase diamond engagement rings online?" The answer is yes, they do. All the time.

Who buys a diamond engagement ring online?

The typical buyer of jewelry online is someone who is experienced in making significant purchases through the internet. They are well-versed in technology, conduct thorough research, and review feedback from previous customers. However, the reasons behind the attraction of purchasing engagement rings or other high-end jewelry pieces online are more complex than just these factors.

The Decline of Physical Jewelry Retail Locations

When buying jewelry, location is no longer a limiting factor. Many jewelry buyers find themselves in areas without access to physical stores, which are often outdated in their selection and business practices. This has resulted in approximately 4500 Main Street jewelry stores closing in the US in the past seven years, not including national mall chain jewelry stores. And that trend continues as retail shifts strategy in a post-pandemic economy. As a result, finding a unique and sophisticated selection of engagement rings and jewelry in brick-and-mortar stores is becoming increasingly difficult.

You might have shopped at a Main Street jewelry store and felt like the options were limited, even lackluster. You might have visited a mall chain jewelry store and were turned off by the high-pressure sales tactics or evasive answers about the diamond origin or both. Or just worried they might be shuttering the doors soon. You might have stepped into the gilded, plush interiors of a luxury brand-name bridal jewelry store and felt they just weren’t your kind of people. You may have questioned the integrity of their pricing. We see couples are frustrated with the options being presented to them. No one wants to feel uncomfortable, disrespected, pressured, or disappointed while shopping for such an important purchase. 

Our virtual appointments are at your convenience so we can have a private conversation about what your would really love. We'll answer your questions and answer the questions you may not even know you have. 

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Lisa Robin Studio

Discovering your perfect engagement ring is an intimate experience. Guiding you through the options, we’ll help you discover your ideal ring in our beautiful collection or create one for you.

Whether in our studio or virtually, we are here to help. We believe finding your ring is a journey not just selecting one from a display case.

Jewelry Pricing Transparency and Integrity

Far too many online or physical jewelry stores promote price – “cheap, cheaper and cheapest” –or sales and discounts to attract customers. How do you feel about their integrity? If the price marked is never the price you will end up paying and the game is to haggle for the lowest possible price or wait for the big sale, what kind of relationship do you have with the merchant? Adversarial at best.

At Lisa Robin, we believe in transparent pricing. Our website makes it easy to compare pricing of ring styles in various metals and diamond quality. We guide you through the process by educating you about engagement rings with easy, simple to understand discussion about the decisions you need to make. No sales pitch. No pressure. All your questions answered.

We are here to help
You don't need to be an expert

That’s why we are here to guide you through every step - from understanding what carat, color, cut and clarity mean, to designing the perfect ring.

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Engagement Ring Budgeting Guide

If you're looking for the perfect diamond and ring design that fits your budget, there are several options to consider. You can compromise on certain diamond qualities or explore the possibility of lab grown diamonds. We've gathered some helpful tips to help you get the best value for your engagement ring budget.

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Custom Design Online

Rarely are our online engagement ring orders "standard". We understand you want your ring to be special and wether that means a few tweaks or a design from scratch, we're her. Our typical custom engagement ring design is a combination of video meeting, texting, and phone calls.

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Choosing a Diamond Online

When it comes to selecting a diamond, many people wonder how they can choose one without seeing it sparkle in person. To ensure transparency in the diamond industry, diamonds are now certified. This certification allows shoppers to compare the quality and price of the diamonds and choose one that fits their preferences and budget. Additionally, shoppers can view a 360-degree video of the diamond, magnified for a closer look. This video provides a better view of the diamond than what can be seen with the naked eye or a jeweler's loop. We here to help you prioritize what's important to you so that you can select the best diamond for your needs.

Online Payment Options

Financing your engagement ring purchase online is easy. The transactions can be completed right from checkout.

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