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Learn about pavilion facets, why a culet is optional, and how it affects a diamond's sparkle.


What is Diamond Culet?

In the standard round brilliant there are typically 57 or 58 facets. The table facet, which is usually the largest facet on the diamond, plays a crucial role in gathering light from above and reflecting it back to the observer or directing it into the diamond's interior. Meanwhile, the crown facets (made up of 8 bezels, 8 stars, and 16 upper halves) work to gather and disperse light, creating a stunning pattern of brightness, fire, and scintillation. Lastly, the pavilion facets (consisting of 16 lower halves, 8 mains, and an optional culet) reflect the light back through the crown to the viewer's eye. All these facets work together to give each diamond its unique appearance.

Size of the Diamond Culet

The size of a diamond's culet is determined by the width of the culet facet in relation to the average girdle diameter of a round diamond. The sizes can range from "none" to "extremely large," with "none" indicating the absence of a culet facet, often called a "pointed" culet. However, larger culets can negatively impact the diamond's appearance when viewed from above, affecting its pattern and reducing its cut grade.

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The brilliance of a diamond is attributed to its high light return. Ideally, light should enter the diamond and exit through its table, dispersing as it leaves to create the dazzling shine that distinguishes a superior diamond. However, poor symmetry of facets can diminish the stone's light performance.

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