Finance Your
Engagement Ring or Fine Jewelry

Lisa Robin's Synchrony Luxury Credit Card allows you to take time to pay. Find out how to apply for a Synchrony Financial Luxury Credit Card and get a decision in seconds with no impact to your credit bureau score.

Finance Your Engagement Ring- Synchrony Financial Luxury Card

Lisa Robin's Luxury Credit Card

With more spending power and time to pay, you don’t have to wait to change what’s possible — for you, your passions, or your future.

At Lisa Robin, we partner with Synchrony to offer a luxury credit card with the budget-friendly financing you need. With promotional financing from our luxury credit card, engagement rings and fine jewelry purchases don’t have to wait. Get what you want now and pay over time.

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Promotional Pricing Examples

A Deferred Interest Promotion is an offer that may be available on your purchase. With this offer, interest accrues (adds up) on your account from the purchase date, but is only charged if you do not pay off your promotional balance within the defined promotional period.

This promotional financing offer is typically advertised as special financing, promotional financing or No Interest If Paid In Full Within X Months, where X is the number of months in the promotional period.

You may also be able to take advantage of promotional financing ranging from 6-60 months, depending on current promotions.

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All of Our Financing Options

We’ve partnered up with some of the most popular independent financing companies in addition to offering Lisa Robin's Synchrony Financial Luxury Credit Card; Shopay, Affirm, and Afterpay. 

Lisa Robin Financing Options
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