Pendant Blue Sapphire Double Strap - Lisa Robin Jewelry Necklaces

Pendant Blue Sapphire Double Strap

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$ 495.00

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The rich blue of this sapphires is accented by the yellow gold and sterling silver combination. Easy to mix with all of your white and yellow metals. Blue sapphire (12ctw) rose cut slices set in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold straps and sterling silver rivets.

A rose cut gemstone has a flat bottom and a domed, peaked top. This is an old style cut that was commonly found in 1700-1800’s and is one Lisa frequently uses in her designs.

The sapphire has, for centuries, been seen as a symbol of the heavens, a guardian of innocence, a bestower of truth, a promoter of good health, and a preserver of chastity. It is believed to bring gifts of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. 

The Bondage Collection. Bondage refers to a design element resembling straps that cross over the interesting gemstones in many of the designs and appear to bind the gems in the jewelry with contrasting rivets. The custom jewelry designs explore the mix of textures and finishes on sterling silver and accents in yellow gold. The strap element is applied to feature the natural variations in the gemstones. There is elegance to how these elements contrast and compliment one another.