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Get sampling. It’s easy.

For $12, we’ll send three 1mL bottles your way—a month’s worth of fragrance. (Shipping, as always, is free.) Bonus: You have 30 days to apply that $12 toward the price of a set of all 3 fragrances in 10mL bottles. Or $4 towards and an individual bottle of your choice.


Smart is a fascinating fragrance which reawakens senses, it is perfect for a cosmopolitan woman, smart and educated. Vibrating and engaging, it is composed of precious elements like tangerine, saffron, Masala tea, and white chocolate. 

Pretty is a feminine and sensual scent that adds the sugary notes of the Iris to the oriental jasmine and orange blossoms, and the essences of patchouli. With its bouquet of refined ingredients, Pretty is a sweet fragrance that goes beyond conventions, a universal ode to beauty, for a woman who is not afraid to show her femininity.

Strong is a fragrance of pure and crystalline freshness for those times when you are not so frilly. Blending one of the legendary ingredients of perfume, ambergris, which originates from the depths of the ocean. The base has sensual notes of patchouli musks. 

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