Earrings in Gold and Turquoise Doublet

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Beautifully chunky bezels surround rose cut doublet gemstones to create these eye-catching drop earrings.

  • The doublet of rainbow moonstone over turquoise gives these earrings an iridescent and vibrant color.
  • Gold Plated Sterling Silver.
  •  3/8"DIA.
  • A doublet is two slices of different gemstones, usually, an opaque gem on the bottom and a transparent gem on the top, layered one atop the other to create a unique color. Once they are layered they are cut into shape. 
  • A rose cut gemstone has a flat bottom and a domed, peaked top. This is an old style cut that was commonly found in 1700-1800’s. 
  • Original designer jewelry by Lisa Robin Adkinson


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