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Luxe October 11, 2018

Have you heard? Luxe is the new retail experience in Dayton, Ohio. Set in a 4500 square foot urban venue located in Downtown Dayton, Luxe is a shopping experience that assembles carefully curated independent brands and pops up for a spectacular one-day event. That means twice a year, Spring and Fall, Luxe reassembles itself -from the space to the merchandise – with the goal to give back to the local community.

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See What Karen Is Saying

"A very beautiful piece of jewelry. It is expertly made, original, and very classy. The stone is unique! I was very pleased, but not half as much as the gifts recipient." -- Mark P. See what Karen Is saying....

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836 Survivors Out of 8470

Almost 10%. We drove out of Columbus toward home. Moving a little slow and happy to have that latte, but still glowing with the sense of accomplishment. What an incredible experience. Pelotonia 2018. On Saturday morning before dawn, we wrote the names of those we were riding for in red Sharpie on the backs of our legs. We all know someone who has or has had cancer. Janice was still at The James following lung cancer surgery the previous day. She is now home and doing well. We now know one of our fellow riders was her surgeon. Save a life Friday, 100 miles Saturday, a little late for rounds on Sunday morning. We understand why. Jessica joined in the...

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One Goal

As the warm water streamed over my face I could taste the salt. I could see the grit flowing. I was elated. The general consensus of the ladies in the communal locker room was that it was a life changing experience. The second one today. This event has changed our lifestyle. Doug and I head out after work to ride the bike trails until dusk, then find some food and settle in to watch an episode, rather than binge watch all evening. We are stronger. We have learned. Who knew a bike fitting makes a huge difference? What is Chamois Butt’r exactly and what will it do for me? Never, ever go cheap on bike shorts.  I write this as...

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