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San Francisco Part 1: How to Pick the Right Wine for an Open Studio

There are some things that change after you hear "you have cancer". Experiences become more precious. Staying connected with friends and family is important. And doing what you enjoy is a priority. Sometimes they all converge and everything connects in ways you never imagined and just complete the circle. This is part one of a travel log and a story of how things come full circle. With longtime friends Chris and Dani, Doug and I and planned a trip to San Francisco. A well-needed break for us and a celebration of empty nesting for our friends. Oh, and a reunion of sorts with Dani’s sister Jen and her family. Doug and I don’t have many, or really any celebrity connections, but...

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Travel Jewelry Style Guide

Between trunk shows and helping get the kids settled in Dallas, it has been a whirlwind month. Oh, yeah, and while our good friends Sherry and John were slumming it in Italy, we took advantage of their hospitality in absentia and enjoyed some of the Chicago Cubs energy first hand. The weather was perfect in Chicago.  My "travel" concept for jewelry has been a consistent feature of my designs. Take a few pieces and be able to wear them with enough variety to dress for whatever comes up. I have been teaching women this concept one on one and now finally have formalized it into a style guide. You can get the style guide here. Since the latest Fall introductions rolled in just...

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Traveling and Get Your Pink On

October has turned out to be a big travel month for me. I began the month with every intention of writing my annual reminder to GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM. The month is almost over, and I am just getting to it so make sure you schedule and make it happen.

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