Ruby Red, White, and Blue

There is nothing like the rich color of a Ruby. The pink to blood-red colored gemstone is a variety of the mineral corundum. Blue, yellow and green corundum of gem-quality are called sapphires. Ruby is the birthstone for July and one of the cardinal gems, an old term for gemstones considered more precious than all others. Sapphire, emerald, diamond, and amethyst (before large deposits were found in Brazil) also hold the title. I think of Ruby as luscious.

Ruby Rosary Chain | Lisa Robin Jewelry

Because of Ruby's special allure and historical significance, it has always kept its own identity as a gemstone and is never identified as a form of Sapphire. In some cases, the colors intermix in one piece of gemstone and it is cut to showcase what is called bi-color or color change sapphire.

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Emperors and kings throughout the ages must have thought of Rubies as luscious too. They considered rubies among their prized possessions. It was believed that wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. The Ruby represents love, passion, courage, and emotion. 

 Ruby and Sapphire Ring | Lisa Robin Jewelry

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    Hi Lisa. In your Red White and Blue advertisement you show a necklace with a gold chain and very pretty either red or purple stone. Do you have that necklace and how much. Also when your points add up I don’t understand how your point system works. Thanks. Pam Cline

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