­­­­­­­How to Achieve Success in Three Simple Strategies

Facebook as a tool to manage your life continues to amaze me. It reminds me of birthdays that I would otherwise forget. It has replaced the closet of photo albums now covered in dust. Facebook reminds me of past status updates, some of which were long forgotten. This post recently popped up from 2009, "Hit a huge milestone this week, catalog for Lisa Robin Jewelry went to print...should be ready early next week." Wow, how far we have come.

Brush Insurance

Meanwhile, Doug is celebrating his 30th anniversary with Brush Insurance. He has built a successful business, and I am proud of him and his accomplishments, but I can't quite relate. I have changed careers three times in as many years. My first career was as an interior designer. I owned an office interiors firm based in Cincinnati. That explains my random posts about updating the house and re-purposing antique mall finds. You know what I am doing now. I have been able to build Lisa Robin Jewelry into a successful brand even as other retailers have closed their doors.

There is something new on the horizon. I usually don't look back, but I am excited about this opportunity. I am about to dip a toe back into the strategic business planning that was my career between interior and jewelry design.

For a dozen years or so I consulted on strategy development with more than 200 small businesses. Learning the nuances of each industry was challenging, and I loved seeing the management teams develop and build successful businesses.  I also presented in the “e-Business Experts Series” and taught the Strategic Eight Planning Process for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.


The business environment has changed so much since I have been designing jewelry. Lisa Robin Jewelry has been a working laboratory for me to experiment and learn. I have been very sensitive to the fact the now, working with small start-up entrepreneurs is practical and cost effective compared to the in-person consulting with much larger businesses I did back in the day. I can relate to the challenges of the "pro-preneur" or "solo-preneur" who is finding their path to success. Social media has become a core marketing tool. Long gone are the expensive print marketing tactics, but the business basics are the same. You need to know your customer.

So, here's the scoop. I have been asked to present "­­­­­­­How to Achieve Success in Three Simple Strategies" at the 9th Annual WiBN National Conference for Women on September 21st at Sinclair Ponitz Conference Center. Here's what I will be covering.

  • I will break down the process of building desire for your brand to simple, easy to follow elements. I will show you how to create a Brand Success Concept and then give you specific ways to implement it into every facet of your business. 
  • Discover why most of what you’ve learned about growing your brand is WRONG
  • Learn the 3 Success Strategies to building brand desire that will enable you to easily reach more of your DREAM clients!
  • Implement specific and actionable strategies in your business NOW to get people talking about your brand.
  • Get ready to build a brand that stands out from the competition, create a growth strategy for your business to achieve the success you desire, and turn customers into brand advocates that will sell for you!
  • Take notes, set goals and plan your custom Brand Success Strategy for YOUR business with my 3 Success Strategies

I will be announcing on September 21st a strategy workshop series that WiBN and BBB will be sponsoring. More to come on what I am planning and I will look for you on September 21st! To be updated on my plans either subscribe here (this is a new list for the strategy program) or follow my new Facebook page.

WiBN National Conference

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  • Erika

    You have lots of knowledge to share with others. All the best for your upcoming presentation!

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