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So you LOVE the new Lisa Robin Jewelry stud earrings. You think, “hmm.. how can I subtly tell my significant other I’d love these as a gift, but still allow them to give me that surprise, I know you so well gift?” Let me introduce you to the Lisa Robin Jewelry wishlist.

Professors at Harvard and Stanford recently did a study on gift-giving. What they found might be surprising to most. When trying to find a gift for those special people closest to you, most people try to find the perfect gift to show how well we know them. But in reality, it turns out people don’t like surprises! The people who received those surprise gifts weren’t as happy with their gifts as the ones who simply made a list. 

The Lisa Robin wishlist  is so simple to use, and easy to share. All you have to do is add all the products you love to your wishlist and simply email it to whomever you’d like. There is also a feature for your significant other to email lisa@lisarobinjewelry.com and they can request your wishlist without even asking YOU.

Here’s how it works. All over the website (on the homepage in the top menu, in the bottom menu, on each product) you will find hearts, or the simple word, wishlist. Let me walk you through it with those stud earrings you love.


Under the title and add to cart, you’ll see the heart and add to wishlist button. Simply click the button to add the earrings to your wishlist. It will change to say, Added to Wishlist, and, if you haven’t saved your wishlist, it will give you an alert message stating: Your current wishlist is not saved. Please log in or Create Account to save it. Once you’ve logged in to your account, and you’re back on your wishlist page, there are links at the bottom.

Click the platform you’d like to share your wishlist (on your facebook wall, through a private email, on your google+ page). It’s that simple! 

Let’s start making your gift giving and receiving equally fun and easy! Fill out your wishlist today, or email lisa@lisarobinjewelry.com to find your significant other’s wishlist.

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