Doug and I have a pact when we travel. Never choose a restaurant you can choose at home. It has served us well...pun intended.

I like supporting independents, locals, and experiencing the local culture when we travel. I enjoy fresh, well prepared food. But the creativity behind a great menu is a true inspiration. Cordoba Gold and Sterling Silver Statement Necklace 
Creativity is the same process no matter the medium. Sometimes the creative process just percolates until it bubble to the top. Other times it is the big bang. It just explodes in your brain. Then you have to execute. I often find inspiration in my travel. After a recent trip to Barcelona I was inspired to update some pieces from my Cordoba Collection, adding gold touches to this sterling silver statement jewelry. 
Nibbles, Miamisburg, OHI am very pleased with how it turned out. It has that artisan jewelry feel. 

More often of late I am finding these inspirational experiences closer to home. Nibbles, a restaurant in Miamisburg, OH, is the result of the passionate creativity of Chef Maria Walusis and finding it is an inspiration. Spectacular preparation, beautifully presented, and exquisitely served in a cozy homelike setting. The only regret was not having taken another piece of the Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake to go.

The Cordoba Pendant has matching dangle earrings and bracelet to complete the statement jewelry collection.
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