The Engagement Ring Trends You Want to See for 2021


Engagement Ring Trends for 2021


Brides to be—you’ll be seeing all of the latests engagement ring trends popping up on your Instagram feed because, well, it's engagement season. Engagement ring styles change with the times but like all fashion, some styles and trends cycle back around. Let’s explore the top engagement ring trends I am seeing right now and what are the favorites of brides to be. So, what are the hottest styles for 2021?

Colored Gold is Trending

Whether it be yellow or rose, gold is the hot metal right now. The richness and warmth of both rose gold and yellow gold are the perfect setting to show off that unique cut diamond or your choice of alternative gem.

Rose gold is a combination of metals with gold being the main element along with copper and silver. It is the copper that gives rose gold its pink color. Rose gold is available in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. The higher karat number reflects the higher amount of gold and rose gold looks good on all skin tones. Rose gold is a very romantic color of gold and is currently on trend and in high demand.

Yellow gold can also be found in jewelry made of 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow gold. The gold is also combined with silver and copper just in a different mix to keep the lustrous gold color. Yellow gold looks great on warm skin tones.

Round Diamond Pave Engagement Ring
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring 

Purchasing a setting made with recycled gold is a big consideration by younger Millennials and the first of the Gen Z’s preparing to get engaged. Everyone is environmentally conscious and using recycled gold for jewelry makes a lot of sense because gold can be recycled with no degradation in quality. Gold originally mined centuries ago and reclaimed from old jewelry is just as good as new and it can easily be recycled and repurposed. 

In part, because of this conscious purchasing, lab grown diamonds have become a viable option. They appeal to the desire to maximize the budget and they eliminate the environmental impact of mining.

Unique is, well unique.

I am working with brides-to-be that are seeking something personal and non-traditional for their engagement ring. To create a ring that expresses not only your unique style but also reflects your special relationship, there are several routes you can consider.

Often the centerpiece of an engagement ring is the gemstone. A first consideration if you want to break with tradition is to select an unusual gemstone. There has been a rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for engagement rings over the last several years and 2021 we will continue to see the break the diamond tradition. Morganite and kunzite engagement rings have been popular because of their pink color and I am seeing aquamarine or sapphire because blue is always a favorite.


Rose gold and morganite engagement ring


I am also seeing a rise in unique shaped diamonds like pear diamond engagement rings and marquise cut diamond engagement rings, not only in the center stone but as accents too. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings, especially set east west are getting a lot of attention these days. The consideration of alternative gemstones extents to diamonds too. Diamond come in a variety of colors and black diamonds are some of the most popular. 

The setting you choose goes along way in creating a unique ring. A traditional solitaire setting with a twist have become popular with brides to be. East west engagement ring settings, those with the gemstone set sideways, are ruling the day because they show off those unique cuts of gemstones. Stacking rings continue to go strong, bi-pass settings, often with two different cuts of gems, or open rings have become popular too.

Wedding bands | Stack Rings | Lisa Robin


Bands that Stand Out

Even when brides want to keep the diamond shape classic, they're looking for something out of the ordinary for the setting. Many brides to be request a unique wedding band to go with a solitaire engagement ring. The idea of going more non-traditional with a statement band as a representation of their love that feels more special to them.

Blue Sapphire Aqua Marine and Diamond Ring


Multiple Stones

Multiple diamonds in one ring is another way to create a unique look. Three and five stone rings are becoming popular choices for engagement rings. These rings also work beautifully stacked with multiple bands.

Vintage Inspired Hexagon Engagement Ring 

Vintage Influences

Looking to the shapes and detail of vintage engagement rings for inspiration has become a trend. Art Deco geometric shapes in particular are being used with a modern twist to create a truly unique statement.

Even if you already have the ring of your dreams picked out or are you and your partner are just starting to talk about what the ring that perfectly reflects your love will look like—you’ll want to spot the design elements and all the latest engagement ring trends that most speak to you.  Pin your favorites to your “ my dream ring” Pinterest page or get in touch to begin designing the perfect engagement ring for you.






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