4 How To Guidelines for Layering Necklaces

Jewelry Style Guide Part I: 

Are you wearing a single necklace that was laying on your nightstand this morning? The same one you took off last night? The easy choice you have worn for weeks? Then listen up. Layering your necklaces will give you a quick sophisticated style update. Here are some tips for layering your necklaces.

When creating a layered look, you want to appear as if you're wearing your favorite pieces, collected over many years. I am not suggesting the Garanimals matchy-matchy look here, just have it look effortless.

There are four aspects of design to keep in mind. The trick is to mix styles, dimensions, scales, and colors to keep the look organic and interesting. You put in the effort to think through the layering but you want it to appear effortless.

Layering Lisa Robin Necklaces


Michele has layered 3 pieces in this comfortable and interesting style. here is how she did it.

Notice the three different sterling silver chain styles and weights and that they are worn at three different lengths. The rolo chain is doubled as the top layer and happens to be the heaviest chain in the mix. Doubling it adds interest to the uniform links of this chain. It could also have been worn adding a pendant right over the doubled strands or at its full 36" length, with or without a pendant. 

The next chain is referred to as a long and short chain. Yep, because it has long oval links and short round links alternating. It is a stunningly beautiful chain and on its own but used here to complement the curved and sweeping elements of the sterling silver Portale pendant.  Both of these pieces are a signature of Lisa Robin style.

The petite cable chain is actually a station necklace set with a vivid blue topaz in a sterling silver bezel. This necklace is designed for varying lengths of 18", 20", and 22". Michele has chosen it as the focal piece because of its color and sparkle and is wearing it on the longest length. Even though the pendant is much larger in scale the pop of color is what catches your eye first.

The Portale pendant has a lapis lazuli accent. It's dark denim blue color ties together with the blue topaz and unifies the layers. I love the round pendant worn with the square shape of the cushion cut. The simplicity of the necklace station is a nice juxtaposition to the intricacy of the Portale design. Michele is wearing blue on a black top which looks fabulous, especially with the sterling silver. Everything does not need to match.

Long Patterned Cable Chain

Sherry was wearing all Lisa Robin pieces which are designed to be worn together. But Sherry has taken a different approach. She has used a choker length necklace and organic shaped sea glass pendant, both from her jewelry box and anchored them with a Lisa Robin long cable chain. The cable chain has black onyx bead accents and works nicely with the shorter black onyx beaded necklace. The three lengths work great with the neckline and the lengthening effect of the sweater. The cable necklace could also be worn with an added pendant or doubled or my favorite wrapped as a bracelet at the wrist.

When creating a layered look, you want to appear effortless as if you're wearing your favorite pieces, collected over many years. 

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