5 Fresh Jewelry Trends for 2021

Checkout the 2020 jewelry trends that seem to be popping up everywhere. 

Modern Pearls

Luscious pearls have a place in every classic style woman’s jewelry box. But what if your style isn’t quite so classic? Take a modern twist on pearl jewelry and add soon to become classic jewelry to your look.

Fresh Pearl Jewelry | Lisa Robin Jewelry


Ear Threaders

A customer asked me to create a custom pair of threader earrings in rose gold with diamonds and opals for a gift for his wife. I fell in love with these stunning ear threader jewelry and have been wearing them regularly. 

Threader Earrings | Lisa Robin Jewelry


Making a huge comeback, emerald green is the new black.  Rich dark green jewelry adds interest to denim. But it can be elevated. Even as wedding jewelry, these emerald earrings, and necklace replace the boring crystal earrings and necklace brides think of as the traditional look.

 Emerald Green Jewelry


Rainbow colored jewelry is everywhere. My take, multicolored gemstones alternated in necklaces of various lengths. Color everywhere! 

 Multi colored gemstone necklaces | Lisa Robin Jewelry


Chunky, fine, gemstone accented, all sorts of chain necklaces are hot. Not to mention how flexible they are. Layered necklaces, as you know, create interest. Double up that 36” chain necklace and you have instant layers.

Layered Necklaces | Lisa Robin Jewelry


In 2020, jewelry trends offer pieces that are easy updates to your jewelry wardrobe to keep your look current.

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