2022 Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends You Want To Know About

Dubbed "The Year of the Wedding", 2022 has proven to be bustling with wedding activity. After two years of wedding and proposal postponements, couples are stepping out when it comes to design details—and that includes wedding jewelry. Expect to see awe-inspiring styles not only in rings but all bridal-related trends. We are experiencing a cultural moment that values distinctiveness and artistic expression and what better way to celebrate your love than applying your creativity to your engagement ring?

1. Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking to break with tradition? Consider one of the hottest trends for engagement rings with colored gemstones of all, this includes colored diamonds and many other gemstones.

Some of the standards like sapphire and emeralds are popular, but pastel-colored gemstones have caught the eye of many engagement ring shoppers. Soft pinks like morganite, lavender and lighter shades of green and aquamarine blue make for some beautiful engagement rings, especially when set in rose gold. 

Most Lisa Robin engagement ring settings can be made with a colored gemstone of your choice. The casey is shown here in blue sapphire.

The Casey Sapphire Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin


2. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are going strong. The pink hue of rose gold is the result of copper added to the gold alloy, which makes for warm tones and a romantic feel.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

3. Edgy Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you are looking for the truly unique diamond, take a close look at raw or rustic diamonds. They are diamonds with serious personality. Rich opaque colors, lovely lightly colored champagne diamonds, and black and white mixes. The term ‘salt and pepper’ refers to the look of a diamond that features a mix of black and white inclusions. Raw and rustic diamonds are one of a kind gemstones and thus gives you a serious one of a kind engagement ring.

Salt and Pepper Diamond and Raw Diamond Engagement Rings 

4. Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

No matter how many engagement ring styles there are to choose from, vintage-style rings capture the hearts of many. Decidedly romantic, ring styles evoking nostalgia are appealing for their distinctive character. If you seek a timeless unique look, a vintage-style engagement ring may be what you desire.

The Anna Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

5. Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-grown diamonds are taking the jewelry world by storm. Lab-grown diamonds are created artificially in a laboratory instead of naturally occurring and mined from the earth. A lab diamond looks and feels exactly like a mined diamond and they are available in a full variety of shapes and sizes. Why are they so popular? Today, lab diamonds are significantly less expensive than mined diamonds. They are 50-60% less than mined diamonds in some cases. Why the big difference? It’s simple, supply and industry competition. Lab-grown diamonds are also conflict-free, as there is no need for hard labor to mine them.

 The Madison Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

6. Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

When viewed from the top, a hidden halo ring looks to be a classic solitaire. From the side, a sparkle of pavé set diamonds tucked under the center stone sparkle. It’s a totally modern twist to the classic solitaire.

The Casey Hidden Halo Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

6. Gender Neutral Rings

Finally more readily available, gender neutral rings are coming into their own. And simple, gender-fluid designs are going to continue gaining popularity in the coming year. 

 The Greer Diamond Wedding Band | Lisa Robin

 7. East-West Engagement Rings

We all love tradition, but the east-west engagement ring trend puts a literal twist on it–by turning the center stone 90 degrees. With the rise in popularity of fancy-shaped center stones (think marquise, emerald, pear, oval), it’s no surprise the east-west setting is having its moment. Setting the diamond in a sideways orientation, or east-west gives it updated styling that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard.

 The Mia Emerald Cut East West Engagement Rings | Lisa Robin

8. Chevron and Open Bands

Clean, minimal engagement rings are dominating the market. So how do we spice them up without compromising timelessness? Add your own flavor. A chevron band brings interest and dimension. The angular silhouette elongates the finger and the fresh shape of a marquise diamond creates interest. The curved bands showcase the engagement ring rather than blending in like a traditional wedding band.

 The Claire Wedding Band Paired with Th Olivia Oval Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin

9. Unique Halo Engagement Rings

Diamond halo engagement rings have been popular for a while and rightfully so. But the latest trend is going away from diamonds uniformly surrounding the center gemstones. Some take on a floral vibe, others are star-like, and some are asymmetrical. Any way you go, they still have the advantage of making your center gemstones seem larger.

The Hadley Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring | Lisa Robin


10. Customized Engagement Ring

Creating something unique and just for you is definitely on trend. Customization can range from selecting your gemstone or diamond to modifying a design to doing something totally unique. Whatever the level of customization you desire, find a jeweler with a design capabilities and expertise to guide you through the decisions.

Custom Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Set | Lisa Robin

Now that you know some of the 2022 trends, how will you express your love? Bring your ideas and let's start designing your awe-inspiring wedding jewelry. Schedule your consultation now.



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