9 Point Checklist for Selecting Your Bridesmaids

This lovely and beautiful bride, Shareza Jackson, gifted The Sister Accord book and jewelry to her bridesmaids. Shareza's bridesmaids and The SisterAccord have a lot in common. The nine jewels of The Sister Accord show us that when selecting bridesmaids there are a few traits that are important to consider.

  1. They must be loving. Love has the power to change the world.
  2. They must have the peace to live a meaningful and fulfilled life is to experience peace on a daily basis.
  3. Joy is an emotion that is everlasting and profound. They should bring the joy of love and compassion.
  4. he is good to everyone for goodness is a recipe for loving friendships. 
  5. She should be a faithful, loyal friend because it is key to a long lasting relationship. 
  6. Gentleness of spirit like a butterfly, she should be gentle with others.
  7. Selfless with her friends and family.
  8. She must have patience for it is indeed a virtue.
  9. She should be kind because kindness encourages honest and transparent bonds between people.



A portion of each sale goes to support the Sister Accord Movement and Foundation. The Sister Accord is working to eradicate bullying and violence against women and girls, an initiative Lisa is proud to support.


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