Traveling and Get Your Pink On

October has turned out to be a big travel month for me. I began the month with every intention of writing my annual reminder to GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM. The month is almost over, and I am just getting to it so make sure you schedule and make it happen.

From personal experience, make sure your previous records are available when you have your mammogram. The radiologists are looking for changes, so they compare the current films to past films. I had films from a mobile screening service that didn't get to my doctors until I made several calls. If those records had transferred a year earlier would it have made a difference in my treatment? No. But it could for you.

During my treatment, I was supported by Maple Tree Cancer Alliance. To reciprocate, a portion of the proceeds from my new Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet will go to Maple Tree. Get your pink on.

Eight years ago my first collection was very influenced by my travel. I travel with a few flexible pieces of jewelry that worked for any activity that presented itself. My packaging was then, and still is a drawstring travel jewelry bag. As I unpack from visiting the babies in Dallas followed by several days of trunk shows in Birmingham, MI, I still use the same "jewelry wardrobe concept." To learn more about how to put together your own jewelry wardrobe, download our new (and free) style guide. Enjoy!

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