Travel Jewelry Style Guide

Between trunk shows and helping get the kids settled in Dallas, it has been a whirlwind month. Oh, yeah, and while our good friends Sherry and John were slumming it in Italy, we took advantage of their hospitality in absentia and enjoyed some of the Chicago Cubs energy first hand. The weather was perfect in Chicago. 

My "travel" concept for jewelry has been a consistent feature of my designs. Take a few pieces and be able to wear them with enough variety to dress for whatever comes up. I have been teaching women this concept one on one and now finally have formalized it into a style guide. You can get the style guide here.
Since the latest Fall introductions rolled in just before we headed to Chicago, I tried them out. These are great layering pieces in different lengths to wear with any neckline. I have recently developed a love affair with stud earrings, especially in great colors. See what's new.

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