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Farah Fawcett

Today is the day my life changed, well, 17 years ago today to be exact. The place had a giant smiley face outside. You remember the ubiquitous 70's emblem of happiness with its bright yellow circle and black drawn on facial features. Inside the thump of songs like Stayin' Alive or Hot Stuff took us back in time, even then. 

My long time friend Stephanie had suggested it. She had heard it was a good place to dance, and that turned out to be true. After a couple of songs, we exited the dance floor. That's when he said "Hello."                                        

Actually, he asked if I had a "home show on cable". I didn't, but I suppose you need some context for that to make sense. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. was preparing to go public. Martha Stewart had been all over the news. At the time, she and I wore our hair similarly, and I suppose we have the same shaped faces. But I had been told that I looked like her...frequently. So I knew exactly what he was referencing and replied accordingly. He was impressed that I "got it". 

Stephanie and I, and Doug and his friend Andy talked and danced the night away. Honestly, we were grateful to have found each other in the crowd of twenty-somethings who didn't recognize the Farah Fawcett and Lee Majors poster decor.  

Seventeen years later I am grateful to have found the love of my life that night. So that is the story of how we met. The old-fashioned way, in a time machine at Have a Nice Day Cafe'.

 Have a Nice Day cafe Cincinnati

 Image of Farah Fawcett courtesy of Wikipedia. Images of Have A Nice Day cafe' Cincinnati courtesy of www.johnnyroadtrip.com.




  • Erika

    Great story! Thanks for sharing your special memory with us. Wishing you continued love.

  • Peg

    17 years !!!!! OMG. It does not seem that long ago. What a wonderful reminder, and thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  • Lee

    Very cool email blast. I love that you and Doug are so happy! Looking forward to hanging out with you two more often.

  • Jane

    I love reading the story. What a great memory that is!

  • Sherry Langhorne

    Congratulations guys!! Such a great story!! Thanks for sharing!! Wishing you many more years together!!?

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