Romantic Style: Is it Right for You?

A little romance is good for everyone, right? But is your style romantic? Read on to decide.

Romantic style, often referred to as bohemian or “boho” or “boho chic” is a style of dressing that reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s due to its popularity during those years. At its core, romantic dressing is focusing on free and flowy fabrics. Natural fabrics and recycled clothing, even if it is from your own closet, show concern for the environment and nature which is a hallmark of this style.

Keystones of the Style

Layers. Think a relaxed gypsy sort of look. This means that you will want to layer clothes over each other to get a truly romantic bohemian look. This has the practical advantage that if you get warm or cold you always have a layer you can remove or put back on whenever you need to. Mix patterns in the same color palette for interest or mix a colorful solid with neutral solids. If any one color or pattern is distracting from the flowing look it is probably too much.

Oversized, Flowing Pieces. The look is free and flowing which is easy to find with big brands like Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Sanctuary, but I am a fan of trying small independent boutiques like Pieces of Style in Centerville, OH or Wild Poppy in Oakwood. Full-length skirts or dresses work. Tunics and light tanks tops that can be layered over a tee or camisole or under a jacket do it.

Layering Style Guide | Unconventional WomanRomantic Style Guide | Lisa Robin









Embroidered Denim Jacket, White Peasant Top, and Woven Bags from Wild Poppy.

Balance. Counterbalance your flowing pieces with one or two fitted pieces, either under or over. The “cold shoulder” look that is ubiquitous right now fits right in. Keep the layering on the upper half of your body to draw focus to your face. Layering on the bottom may make you look heavy.

Layering Style Guide | Lisa RobinFringe Bag | Lisa Robin Blog

Kimono jacket layered over tank and fringe bag from Pieces of Style.

Vintage. This is the perfect style to pull out those favorite jackets that have been in your closet forever or add something recycled. An upscale consignment shop like Loralie’s in Centerville can be a budget friendly place to find spectacular pieces.

Hair and Makeup

Long, Loose Waves. This is not the time for a tight updo. Natural is the theme so keep it loose, a little messy, and effortless.

Natural, Fresh Look. A little moisturizer with an SPF, a light illuminating foundation for a dewy finish. Finish with a bit of bronzer. The style is about being natural, so a sun-kissed glow is perfect. A neutral eye in earth tones with a little eyeliner and mascara. just put on some lip balm with an SPF. If you want to use color, keep it light, pink or peachy shade to look neutral. If you need a little help, get in touch with my friend Sally Tahy ( with Rodan and Fields and she will get you sorted.

Moneral Powder | Lisa Robin Unconventional WomanLash Boost | Lisa Robin Blog

Mineral Powder Foundation and Bronzer and Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields.

Finish with Jewelry. If your outfit is pretty subtle, you can add a few bold pieces of jewelry. Layering necklaces and bracelets are perfect for the romantic style. Hoops earrings fit, as well larger dangling earrings.

Lisa Robin Bracelets | Unconventional Woman Blog

Choose Quality. Look for quality pieces. It may be tempting to layer low-quality costume jewelry, but nothing diffuses a look more than lackluster plastic or base metal jewelry. The quality of sterling silver, natural gemstones, or quality 14k gold plated pieces provides a finish to your look that is impossible with costume jewelry. The cost of better jewelry is well out-weighed by the years of wear you will get out of it. Part of the style is to look to vintage. I have jewelry pieces in my wardrobe I have had for decades.

See all of the new romantic style Lisa Robin pieces here and the Romantic Style Infographic here.

Layering Necklaces | Lisa Robin Jewelry


Note: If you have a cluttered jewelry box full of random, maybe broken, pieces you don’t wear, schedule a time with me to go through it all. I can style it with you. We may remake, scrap, or find a new life for pieces that you haven’t worn in years.

Layering Necklaces Lisa Robin

Go For Handmade.  There is nothing better than adding unique jewelry to your romantic look. Just as quality polishes off your look, so will something unique. I am not talking “homemade” here. Your jewelry is like the bow on the package. It needs to be special. 

Labradorite Earrings | Lisa Robin

You are welcome to visit my studio in Centerville, OH or I will be at a couple of artisan markets coming up. I will have a pop up at the Shops at Worthington Place (Worthington, OH) which will be home to a Maker Takeover event of 12 new pop-up shops from August 5th-13th, the kickoff celebration will be from 10-6 on Saturday, August 5th. And on August 13th, I will be at Art on the Commons at Lincoln Park Civic Commons in Kettering, Ohio.

Rings | Lisa Robin Jewelry

For a step by step how to see Romantic Style: Infographic. Is this your style? Leave a comment!

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