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As you know, Pelotonia has been an emotional ride. Pun intended. Fundraising for 2018 has wrapped up and our peloton rode their fundraising hearts out. The following is a message from Ben Hartings, our peloton captain and fellow cancer survivor. Rather than restating, I will share his words. Again, thank you to everyone who contributed and keeps those we ride for in your prayers. Consider this an open invitation to join us next year.
October 4, 2018
Wow!  What a year!  I just completed the year-end wrap up on the team's fundraising and worked through fund sharing - the grand total of our efforts raised $31,784!!! I attached the year-end totals. 
Our little team, backed by big hearts and prayerful hands out-fundraised my team from First Merchants in the last two years!!! That is remarkable with no corporate donor support (thanks Doug for organizing the Jersey's which technically is corporate support but not in our $31,784)! And I would consider this a year one effort.  My hope and prayer is that we all gear up (pardon the pun) and focus on next year building momentum and making strides to build from here.  Recruit others, bring others to the cause. Why?
Because cancer is out there. Jessica you may know got really bad news this week, more lesions, more radiation, and more medication. Joyce, who we were praying for at the ride, passed away in August days after we finished the Pelotonia.  I'm healthy, praise God, having just crossed over 5 years since my diagnosis today, October 4th. At about 10 am this morning [five years ago], I was in Washington DC airport on my way to Canada for a business meeting when I received a phone call from my dermatologist that he wanted to see me immediately...and the rest is history.  So many others I could update you on...Grace our 12-year-old was in school on Monday and they were talking about biology and cancer. The teacher asked if anyone knew a cancer patient.  Grace's hand shot up and shared my story but also our story of Pelotonia.  What we do is not just about miles or dollars, it's about lives, inspiration and the next generation.  I was so inspired by that story I had to share. 
Let me (us) know of your updates as I know many of your friends and family were also battling.  I pray for good news. 
Peace and thanksgiving!
You can read more of Ben’s eloquent writing about his cancer journey and faith at Intersect Me
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